5 Casino Games for Players Who Want to Use Strategy

Casino games are a vast industry that is now able to satisfy the needs and desires of gamblers all over the world. Online casinos are now a collection of games in different categories.

You will also find extremely simple video slots that can be played without special skills. In such games, everything depends on luck – you cannot influence the result in any way. But, according to Bodog, there are also special slot machines where you can use your strategic thinking and ability to make decisions based on the analysis of what is happening on the screen.

Today, we will talk about the top online casino games in which you can apply different strategies. If you like challenging brain games and like to explore new strategies to improve your chances of luck, this selection is sure to please.


4 card poker

The first place in the list of games in which you cannot do without strategies can be safely given to poker. This is the most challenging game in the world; the victory will directly depend on your skills. The element of luck in poker plays a minor role.

Although you can learn the basic rules of poker in just a couple of minutes, it may take you more than a year to fully immerse yourself in this discipline. Remember that even experienced players who spend many years at the poker tables sometimes make mistakes and choose the wrong strategies. As a result, this leads to the loss of the round.

Poker is a game that demands more than just the right strategy. It requires careful analysis and forward-thinking, hinging not only on your intuition but also on your ability to evaluate the opponents at the table.

Learning to read your opponents’ emotions and seeing through bluffs can give you a significant edge, enabling you to make more accurate predictions about the cards they’re holding.

One of the appealing aspects of poker is the sheer variety of game variations, each offering unique opportunities for strategic play. Here are two of the most popular types:

  • Texas Hold’em is arguably one of the most played game variations worldwide. Available in both traditional casinos and online gaming sites, you can join a Texas Hold’em tournament from the comfort of your home. The game utilizes a single deck and accommodates up to 10 players, demanding your utmost concentration for a chance at victory.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker is a potentially lucrative variant that can multiply your initial bet by hundreds. The rules closely resemble those of Texas Hold’em, providing ample opportunity to employ various strategies to boost your success rate.
  • Caribbean Holdem Poker is one of the most challenging variants of the game due to its strategic nature. It is vital for players to accurately evaluate not only their own hand but also that of the dealer. Out of all the poker variations, this one demands the most strategic thinking.


The Paroli System

Another casino game where strategy is key is Blackjack. Like poker, Blackjack has multiple variations and is offered in both land-based and online casinos. The main objective revolves around getting as close as possible to 21 points in your hand.

Applying the right strategy can give you an edge over the dealer. It’s advisable to explore various methods to discover the one that best suits your style of play. For instance, counting the cards in the dealer’s deck is one strategy to consider.

Don’t underestimate the importance of understanding the rules of blackjack. While they may seem straightforward at first glance, any slip-ups can result in a lost bet and your money going down the drain. If you’re new to the  online game, consider preparing a handy cheat sheet. This can guide you towards making informed decisions initially.


Craps Rules

Craps is another thrilling online casino game where you can employ various strategies. Although dice games largely depend on luck, a winning strategy can guide you in placing your bets wisely. Many bettors tend to make blind bets in craps without considering the likelihood of different outcomes.

Here are a few beginner tips that could prove beneficial:

  • Avoid single roll bets, which include options such as “Any 7” or “The Field Bet”.
  • Concentrate on bets like the pass line or don’t pass/don’t come options.
  • If you’ve been playing craps for a while and understand the game, stick to strategies like the 6/8 strategy or the craps press.


While not all strategies may work for every casino game, you can certainly find slot games where specific skill sets and abilities can boost your odds of winning. If available, consider trying these strategies in demo mode first, so you can play without any risk.


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