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Our editorial staff is dedicated to producing high-quality content that will educate and inspire both gambling enthusiasts and industry executives. 

Thousands of visitors come to our website each day to learn winning betting strategies, stay on top of industry trends or discover the latest and events. 

We believe that our audience gets more value from content coming straight from the source, which is why we encourage guest posts from casino decision-makers.

If you’re a gaming executive or an operator looking to expand your online presence, we’d love to help you achieve that by leveraging the power of content.

Your submission should focus on original ideas. More than a blog post, we are interested in unique content that will engage and empower readers. Some examples include whitepapers, reports, case studies, and feature stories.

Interested in contributing content to our website? Please read on to find out how to submit your pitch.

Guest Post Requirements

  1. Guest posts should be well researched, long-form pieces (1,000+ words).
  2. All guest posts must be original content that didn’t appear on any other website, forum, chat or social media network. 
  3. If necessary modify, Gamblers Daily Digest will change or adapt a piece to ensure the guest post matches our content. Contributors will be informed about these changes prior to the publication. 
  4. Gamblers Daily Digest reserves the right to reject any blog entry for any reason upon receipt of said content. 
  5. Contributors can include up to 3 images with their content. Examples include charts, tables, and drawings.

Important notes: 

  • Contributors must be the copyright holders of each image submitted along with an article OR the images must be published under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license or in the public domain. Contributors have to submit proof that the image does not infringe on copyright laws. 
  • Images should be 300 dpi or greater (pdf, jpeg or tif) 
  • Images should be attached as a separate file 
  1. Gamblers Daily Digest will substitute or alter an image in order to best fit our editorial style.
  2. Contributors will be acknowledged as authors. However, once published, posts become the property of Gamblers Daily Digest.
  3. Please submit your complete FINAL article with contributor bio and photo by the content calendar deadlines. If you miss a deadline, we will hold your article for future use. 
  4. If approved by the content team, contributions received by the 15th of the month will be published by the 15th of the following month. Contributions received by the 30th of the month will be published by the 30th of the following month.
  5. Guest posters are not considered Gamblers Daily Digest associates or business partners.

Types of casino content we approve:

Guest posting on Gamblers Daily Digest is your chance to write for an audience deeply passionate about gambling. Here’s a list of topics that attract large numbers of readers along with blog post ideas to get you started.


This national pastime is attracting a more youthful card-dabbers than ever. Recent studies show that people ages 18-35 are playing just as much Bingo as seniors. This new breed of players don’t care as much about winning; they see bingo as mind sharpening tool.

A blog post like “Seven ways playing Bingo can make you smarter” is a great way to capture these players’ attention and get them to visit your land-based or online casinos.


Considered an almost unbeatable game, blackjack requires a lot of mental energy. Most players are intellectuals and mathematicians who can spend hours on end studying strategy charts and learning trade secrets. Delight and win them as customers with interactive infographics, charts, and reports.


Turn your vast knowledge of the casino industry into a powerful marketing tool.

There are two ways to go about this depending on your goals. White papers and case studies will help you gain influence among your peers. On the other hand, If you want to become a magnet for new business, you need to create a bond with prospects. You can do that with Behind-The-Scenes content that pulls back the curtain on your business.

Gambling News

Newsworthy guest posts are a powerful selling tool. Customers feel more comfortable spending their money at your casino if they see you as a trustworthy source of industry news. So don’t keep those inside scoops to yourself! 

Online Gambling

How do you get people to bet real money on online games? You start by educating them with informative and compelling content. As an online casino operator, you know your business like the back of your hand. And you know it’s safe. Make readers understand that using simple blog posts such as “An easy guide to online gambling” or “How to safely bet online.”


Poker is a game of skill and psychology. A blog post like “Master the art of reading your poker opponent” would be a huge hit among poker fans. And so will “How to quit your day job and become a professional poker player” or “ A collection of the best poker slang.”


This game has players scratching their heads for strategies that actually work. 

Get them on your side by writing posts that help them beat the odds. Some ideas include “Bets and strategy tricks to beat Roulette” and “How to play Roulette like a pro.”

Slot Machine

Slot enthusiasts seem to always see the glass half full. For them, the excitement of inserting coin after coin into a slot machine and waiting to see if they hit the jackpot is priceless. They make the perfect audience for slot machines jokes or funny memes, which are also easy to share on social media.

Sports Betting and Racing

Sports betting is extremely tactical. Players don’t bet even a cent without doing their research. Capture their attention with articles about analysis plans or sports betting guides.

How guest posting helps your business grow

The casino industry is expanding at an accelerating pace, which means competition will only get more intense.

Guest posting on authority and high-traffic blogs like Gamblers Daily Digest ensure that your business success won’t be left to chance.

Guest posts can help you boost your online visibility, drive qualified traffic to your site, increase your bottom-line and so much more.

Gamblers Daily Digest already managed to capture your target audience’s attention. 

All you need to do is to craft posts that educate your customers about your industry and position yourself as their go-to resource.  This is how you’ll turn content into a lead generation machine.

We look forward to receiving your submission!