Netflix Inks First Gambling Industry Deal: ‘Squid Game’ Slot Machine to Hit

Netflix is diving headfirst into the casino gaming sector with its newest venture; a “Squid Game” slot machine. In an extraordinary turn of events, this riveting tale of survival and societal critique has transcended the TV screens and is now transforming into an entertaining slot game that promises to captivate audiences in a new, super-interactive manner. 

This marks Netflix’s foray into consumer product licensing in the casino and gambling sector. The slot game will be created in collaboration with revered gambling company, Light & Wonder. The slot game is expected to hit casino floors in 2024.

Players can anticipate engaging visuals, as well as a storyline that mirrors the show’s intense atmosphere and setting. As expected, the new Squid Game Slot game will incorporate a few components from the TV show, such as the iconic childhood games and challenges that made the show such a hit.

Some of the deadly games that will be incorporated into the new slot game include “Red Light, Green Light,” the infamous “Glass Tile” challenge, as well as “Tug of War”. Light & Wonder plans to introduce a digital version of the Squid Game slot featuring 3 bonus rounds inspired by the TV series.

One of the highlights of the Squid Game Slot will be a substantial top prize, which will kick off at an amazing $200,000 to $400,000. The game will be housed in Light & Wonder’s Horizon large-screen jumbo cabinet, which is a high-end gaming setup. 

This cabinet comes with a 75-inch screen fortified with 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels, to ensure that gamblers are treated to stunning visual displays. In addition, the gaming cabinet will also feature a 27-inch touch screen, a charger for mobile phones, and dual play buttons, all designed to give a seamless experience to users. 

Let’s recap on how Squid Game became a Hollywood’s biggest story

In the entertainment sector, few TV shows can claim the meteoric rise that Squid Game experienced at its release. The Korean drama, released internationally in September 202, took the world by storm, capturing audiences with its highly gripping plot and intense character-driven narrative.

The series, fashioned by Hwang Dong-hyuk, follows 456 competitors who partake in a deadly survival game to win an astounding prize of 45.6 billion Korean won, which is nearly $38.6 million. Drawing comparisons to cult classic franchises such as The Hunger Games, Squid Game offered audiences a fresh blend of childhood games turned deadly, often punctuated by violence, gore, and societal commentary.

Social media also played a huge role in propelling the TV show to unparalleled heights. Initially, there was limited marketing and promotion surrounding the show. However, word-of-mouth endorsements and social media buzz quickly turned this show into a cultural phenomenon.

Here is why the new Squid Game slot will also likely be a success:

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The show already has a global fanbase

As mentioned above, Squid Game boasts a passionate fanbase located in all corners of the world. The allure of stepping into the shoes of their favourite characters is no doubt going to attract enthusiasts from all over the globe. With a new Squid Game show coming to Netflix again before the end of the year, the excitement among fans has already reached fever pitch.

Netflix’s credibility

Netflix’s foray into the gambling space lends the Squid Game slot game substantial credibility. As a renowned entertainment platform, Netflix’s involvement ensures a high-quality gambling experience, backed by the production values and storytelling techniques that helped to make season 1 of the show a success.

The streaming giant is also expected to debut more immersive experiences related to the TV show. For instance, Netflix is set to launch “Squid Game: The Trials,” a pop-up immersive experience in Los Angeles starting on December 6. This will be a real-life game where participants engage in 6 different challenges lasting over 70 minutes.

Netflix is also expanding the “Squid Game” universe with a reality show titled “Squid Game: The Challenge.” In this reality show, 456 contestants around the world will compete for a single $4.56 million cash prize. This reality show is expected to premiere on November 22nd, promising to captivate even more audiences with intense competitions and challenges.

Nostalgia and recognition

As a new season of Squid Game awaits its release, the international fanbase, which spans many cultures and languages, has eagerly been anticipating the return of their favorite characters and new plot twists. For these fans, the prospect of a new show and slot game not only means a continuation of the plot but has also brought fresh opportunities for engagement.

Licensing of TV shows, movies, music bands, and other pop culture phenomena has become a prevalent trend in the slot game industry over the last 10 years and it is very easy to see why. This strategic move allows game developers and casinos to tap into the existing fan bases of popular cultural entities, creating an engaging and familiar experience for gamblers.

The marriage of entertainment franchises with slot machines brings several advantages to both the gaming industry and fans alike. Firstly, licensing popular franchises like Squid Games boosts the entertainment value of the slot machines. Secondly, these collaborations attract a wider audience.

Plus, the licensing of pop culture phenomenon also benefits the franchises themselves. It extends the reach of the shows into new realms, reaching new audiences that would otherwise not have engaged with the content in its original forms. 

Final Thoughts

Building on the immense success of the show, Netflix recently announced plans to debut a Squid Game slot game, bringing the suspense and thrill of the series into the online gambling sector. This slot game promises punters and fans an immersive experience, encapsulating the essence of the series.

Netflix’s decision to venture into the gambling industry to create an immersive experience underscores the popularity and cultural impact of the “Squid Game.” As fans from all corners of the world anticipate the second season of the show and other related experiences, these new initiatives promise to bring the electrifying world of “Squid Game” closer to its audience, both on screen and on the casino floor.