Tempted to try crypto casinos? Here’s what you need to know

Cryptocurrency casinos are the latest chapter in a long, illustrious and highly profitable story of online casino gaming. When traditional online casinos exploded into popularity during the halcyon days of the early 2000s, flanked by other technological headlines like the Y2K bug and the .com bubble, many experts and casino gamers were intrigued to see just how much this new way of gaming could develop. Despite all early indicators clearly showing that the trend and demand for online poker, roulette and blackjack was soaring, it still took over a decade for the switch to flick and for it to become the most popular way people play casino games. 

Many analysts and experts now predict that cryptocurrency gambling could have a similar impact on the rest of this decade. As casinos drive gaming innovation to new heights and game designers switch from console gaming to detailed, vivid projects, cryptocurrency casinos can ride this slipstream and offer a fresh way to play, and many people prefer this choice. One cryptocurrency website that is attracting a lot of gamblers is https://bitedge.com/ — and for those of you who enjoy poker or slot machine gaming but might approach the idea of Bitcoin casinos with some trepidation, you can see that the setup of the website and the games remain largely identical, the only difference is the payment method you can use to play your casino games.


A more convenient way to play?

Playing poker, blackjack, slots and roulette with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has several components that gamblers prefer. Gen Z and Millennial investors have a strong knowledge of how cryptocurrency works, with many aiming to turn it into passive income, and many of them interweaving their interest in cryptocurrency with the occasional foray into casino gaming. It was a natural marriage for the two sectors to unite as effectively as they have. 

While the vast majority of deposits to a casino go through with no problems, some bettors can experience issues with their bank. This may be something as simple as the transaction being stopped due to security concerns, which means your deposit could take a while to reflect. Either way, if you want to sit back and have a game of poker or explore what slot machines a crypto casino offers, you won’t have to worry about waiting for the payment to go through. 

The whole purpose of cryptocurrency is to remove any necessity for the bank. So, instead of having to request your payment from the bank and the bank sending your money to a casino’s bank account, you connect your wallet directly. Nobody else is involved in the transaction, which infinitely increases the payment’s speed. As long as you have the correct cryptocurrency wallet address, you should have no issues depositing your Bitcoin in a crypto casino.

Enhanced security?

One of the most prominent and common examples that crypto gamblers cite as a net benefit of gambling with Bitcoin is that the transaction and the casino are typically more secure. Although Stake, a significant cryptocurrency casino, recently fell victim to a cyberattack, no customer funds were stolen. The Ethereum wallet belonging to Stake was drained and they lost around $40m. This might feel like a bit of a moot point in light of that information, but cryptocurrency casinos are generally considered more secure than traditional casinos. 

For instance, when a large business is subject to such a ferocious attack, hackers often aim to get their hands on funds and obtain personal details such as your date of birth or credit card information. But with a cryptocurrency casino, the only information on file is your wallet address, which is public information anyway. Hackers can’t do anything if you don’t disclose your personal information. As long as you keep your wallet keys safe, then there’s no way you’ll fall victim to an identity breach due to security problems at a cryptocurrency casino. 


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Utilizing the internet

Cryptocurrency has emerged because of the internet. It allows a foundation for the recording and verification of every transaction. The cryptography that underpins each transaction ensures that each transaction is recorded and can’t be amended. Not only can you use the internet to view your cryptocurrency transactions and use Bitcoin to play casino games, but it is a fascinating place to brush up on your skills. Suppose you’re looking for more information about poker before being tempted into trying a crypto casino. In that case, the internet is there to provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions before you explore what casino games have to offer.


Familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency

By understanding how Bitcoin, the blockchain and wallets work, you can make a better, more informed and well-rounded decision about whether you want to utilize them for your gambling. Cryptocurrency is a great invention and those who understand it do not doubt how sophisticated and potentially groundbreaking it could be. However, staying informed and making educated choices ensures your experience is positive. You shouldn’t dive into using crypto casinos without at least getting a solid knowledge of how it all works. 

By educating yourself about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets, and practicing safe gambling methods as you would at a traditional casino, you can play roulette, poker or blackjack as they’re designed to be enjoyed. Learning the basics of cryptocurrency and understanding how to keep your wallet information safe is paramount. Once you have placed a few bets using Bitcoin, it might be something you prefer, and it is something that more people are getting on board with.


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Key considerations

Once you have bolstered your knowledge about cryptocurrency casinos, you can explore external factors that many people weigh up. Firstly, because crypto casinos are such a recent innovation, there are far fewer online than their more well-established and traditional counterparts. Due to this lack of visibility, there are still some question marks about regulation and whether they can have the sort of longevity that online casinos have had over the last 20 years. 

Only time will tell, but there is concern about the lack of cohesion and the disjointed regulatory landscape. Some countries allow cryptocurrency and gambling, and have regulated both, clearly and firmly. Conversely, some countries haven’t regulated either or have leaned toward favoring traditional casinos and not cryptocurrency sites. As long as Bitcoin casinos can grow, and awareness and knowledge continue to blossom, there’s no reason they cannot emerge as a viable and legitimate contender to challenge traditional online casinos over the next few decades.



Like the success of any industry or sector, the rise of crypto casinos will hinge on a number of variables, such as mass adoption and favorable international legislation. Suppose you’re tempted to try out a crypto casino — in that case, all you need to do is understand how these assets work, get a good base knowledge of the security and convenience many casino gamers allude to, and implement the same safe gambling techniques as you would at a traditional casino. You’ll be able to decide whether it’s a type of gambling you’ll switch to or whether you’ll stick to the older methods.


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