What is Dealers Signature and is it a Working Roulette Strategy?

Dealers have a signature and natural rhythm of dealing with gambling. Often the ball will make its spins around the roulette the same amount of times from any other previous rounds and betting. Therefore, the concept here is, whatever the player picks up the ball off the pocket, it should land within the same number as what was previously picked up. While many are still contemplating the legitimacy of this strategy, it is open to discussion and of course trying for yourself whether you are playing at a live casino online or perhaps a land-based casino.

For those that are unaware of how a dealer can have such obvious maneuvers when playing, you would be surprised how everything is influenced by the most non-conscious ways. It becomes a habit and the dealer will essentially not realize what they are doing in the moments leading up to a roulette spin. However, if the tables were turned and the dealer was very much conscious of the habits and rhythm within gameplay, assuming they did not get caught, they could make many lucky winners. Be it family, friends, favoritism of customers etc. Forget Ocean’s Eleven, this would be the next huge casino coup, without anyone knowing of course. Having a bias when dealing is very, very tricky. Essentially it would no longer be the randomness of the casino that dictates the winner, it will be the dealer’s preferences that dictate how the game is about to go. 

The point of saying all this is, if you identify a rhythm from your dealer, you will be surprised to see how you may actually have quite the edge when playing in the near future. Of course, it is not objective and fact that this signature occurs each and every time, but it is most definitely a start. When you play casinos, they always say the smarter you are at noticing things, the more likely you can discover and edge for yourself. Be it counting cards and you notice an advantage there, or be it with this roulette signature technique, you being observant is most important. It will be like you reading your players in poker, but this time reading the dealers body language.

The Possibility of Beating Roulette

Would you believe that even the best of the world dealers can get it wrong? This is no joke. There are actually a lot of funny stories of dealer errors that you can read about. But back onto dealer habits, it will be a case of you noticing the variations and the different paces of the dealer. Many dealers are the key to the outcome itself and influence the result to a certain degree. There have been examples of dealers who have influenced the neighboring bets from previous rounds, and some occasions where they have been wrong. When we talk about neighboring bets, you will find that the back numbers near one another on the wheel will be 15, 34, 5, 22 and 17. The call bets are the most common and the dealer will place these bets on the racetrack. It consists of a certain shaped oval ring, that is marked with a baize. The bet will be called by the number from the neighboring bets sequence, then labelled by 5 (to represent the bet value). It is important to know that without a racetrack, you will be able to make 5 chips and back that with the minimum bet required for the table. This will be ideal if you spot the dealers attitudes and then they have a signature influence on the spin, as it will go on repeat bet-wise and spin-wise. If there is a scenario with the worst dealer to influence, you will still be able to contribute your stake towards the next spin-but do not give it away that you are repeating for signature’s sake!

Some players do not believe in the neighboring signature style betting, and that is just because they have not researched it enough. So, here is us saying, you should try it out, the next time you try a live casino game by Evolution Gaming or Microgaming. Reading your board and what is happening is very much essential, why? Because you will be able to see if any numbers are repeated and are neighboring too. You will be able to spot a trend and pattern if you focus on it enough.

What do Experts actually think?

Dealers are supposed to be friendly, as well as spin slowly-which can seem predictable. However, most of the time it is not the case and actually just for appearances sake. There is no correlation to the amount of times that the ball drops in perfect positions and there is no bias there. Only the inexperienced would believe that this is some kind of correlation between the dealer and the part of their job that makes it look so easy. It’s just that they are so good at what they do. Period.

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