Why Do Casino Operators Support GamStop?

GamStop is a free-of-cost, self-exclusion scheme that offers gamblers an option to self-exclude themselves from online gambling sites in the UK. It is a voluntary program, where the players are provided with several options of time-period of self-exclusion to choose from. GamStop seems to be an effective tool in regulating the excessive gambling habits of compulsive punters and those who tend to get addicted to gambling.

GamStop was created in 2018, and it took about two years to become fully operational. Presently, all the licensed online casinos in the UK are under the ambit of GamStop, controlled by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). GamStop is operational in the UK and other countries like Scotland, Wales, and England.

Is It Necessary for UK Casino Operators to Link Up With GamStop?

Online casinos need to follow a stringent set of rules set by the UKGC for obtaining the UKGC license to operate in the UK. UKGC is one of the most renowned gambling regulatory organizations in the world. The authority responsible for managing GamStop is UKGC, which provides licenses to online casinos. If there is a breach of the UKGC rules, the online casinos will lose their license and customers. In an attempt to capture the huge UK gambling domain, the casino operators will not afford to lose it; show their support in favor of GamStop, and incorporate GamStop in their casinos. 

Not all casinos require a UKGC license to operate. There are several offshore casinos out of the UK and in other countries like Malta and Spain, where the UKGC license is unnecessary. Many of these casinos are not on GamStop, and you can learn more on NonGamStopSlots.com about those casinos and how they work with GamStop players.  Still, it is essential for the online casinos operating in the UK to tie up with GamStop. The gamblers are of their free will to select the online casinos according to their needs and play games by entering the gambling sites. 

They can play at the usual brick-and-mortar casinos or at the other offshore casinos to get around GamStop. On the other hand, the casino owners will need to link up with GamStop only while functioning in the UK gambling sector. However, if an international casino owner plans to set up a business in the UK, the owner is bound to link up with GamStop. This would be effective for the casino owner to draw customers from the UK and expand the business further. 

What is GamStop and How Does It Function?

GamStop is an anti-gambling software and is a mode of self-exclusion for compulsive gamblers. A player with gambling-addiction issues can log on to the GamStop official website and create an account by entering a few personal details like name, residential address, contact number, email address, etc. and select a duration of self-exclusion. 

This period ranges from 6 months to about five years. Players are barred from entering UK gambling sites or online casinos to play during this time. The player will have to wait till the expiration of the GamStop period to access the gambling sites once again. GamStop can curb the excessive gambling habits of punters quite effectively by monitoring their access to online gambling sites.

Advantages of GamStop

Support to compulsive punters

Gamblers addicted to gambling tend to overspend their money, becoming bankrupt. Social life is absent in their lives as they remain immersed in gambling around the clock. The players are given an option to self-remove themselves by registering on GamStop, for a certain period. In this way, the players can be protected from the ill effects of excessive gambling.

Spreading awareness about the adverse effects of gambling

GamStop is a weapon while fighting against gambling addiction. GamStop can be a tool for spreading awareness about compulsive gambling problems. 

Mental support for gamblers

The financial crisis created due to compulsive gambling by obsessive gamblers is faced not only by the punters but also by their families. GamStop can be a mental support provider to gamblers, who can keep their excessive gambling habits in check by going through self-exclusion and refraining from gambling.

Why Are the Casino Operators in Favour of GamStop?

Almost all the online casinos in the UK are linked up with GamStop. Casino operators need a license to operate in the UK, and UKGC is the authority to provide the license. Without this license, the casino will not be permitted to function and lure customers into gambling in these casinos. The UKGC license is a symbol of safe gaming, which means that the players’ rights will be protected in UKGC-licensed casinos. However, some of the gamblers choose to play in offshore non-UK casinos instead of the casinos in the UK to bypass the stringent rules of GamStop.


GamStop is a positive step towards responsible gambling. Last year we can easily follow a surge of players who register on GamStop, which can signify the program’s effectiveness. The casino operators find GamStop to be crucial in determining their fate while getting a grip on the UK gambling market. GamStop is therefore supported by most of the casino operators, typically those who operate in the UK. 


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