Why is Paysafecard such a popular choice for online casinos? 

The global online casino gaming sector has experienced massive growth over the last few years and has fast become the go-to choice in terms of playing classics such as roulette and poker. While land-based play across the planet is still going strong, there is no doubt that online casino play is challenging its position as top dog in the sector. 

This means that many countries around the world have now opened up to iGaming and allow people within their borders to enjoy the thrills this activity brings. Part of the reason this way of playing casino games has caught on lies in the safe and secure payment options that internet casinos carry. 

These allow players to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos without any hassle. Although there are multiple payment options at the best casinos online, Paysafecard is one of the most popular. 

What is Paysafecard? 

There is no doubting how popular this online casino payment method is around the world in 2023. The thriving iGaming sector in New Zealand is evidence of this, as there are a number of online casinos in NZ with Paysafecard. The same can also be said for top iGaming markets such as the US and UK. 

So, what exactly is this payment option all about? In simple terms, it is a prepaid card which is loaded with a set amount of cash to use for online gaming. After you have purchased the card, it is a matter of redeeming it at the casino of your choice and then having fun with the best games. You do not need a bank account to use Paysafecard and this is a major advantage for gamers across the planet without one. 

Why is Paysafecard a popular payment option for online casinos? 

As we have noted previously, it is very common for online casinos around the global to offer Paysafecard as a payment option. When you start to look at what it offers more closely, this is not a surprise. 

Below are some of the reasons that this payment method is a top choice for the best iGaming sites:

Excellent security and anonymity 

Just as finding out the latest casino news is always worthwhile for online gaming fans, looking more closely into why Paysafecard is offered at so many online casinos is useful too.

One of the major advantages that makes it popular for iGaming is its excellent security. As a pre-paid card, there is no need for players to enter their bank details when using it. This makes it a lot safer than having to input sensitive data to deposit or withdraw money, which could be targeted by hackers. 

In addition to being more secure for players, online casinos like to offer Paysafecard because it means they do not have the responsibility of protecting or storing your sensitive data. Online casino players also like this payment option due to the anonymity it delivers. As you do not need to enter any personal details to use it, Paysafecard offers a very private way to fund your iGaming sessions.  

Popular choice with iGaming fans

If we think about why this is a popular choice for online casinos themselves, then it’s important to consider the demand there is for it from players globally. As all internet casinos will be eager to attract players by giving them what they want, this makes Paysafecard a payment method which casinos themselves value.

It’s also important to consider the competitive nature of running an online casino and having to keep up with your main rivals. If all the top online casinos are offering this payment option but you are not, people could be put off from signing up with you. By offering in-demand methods such as Paysafecard which your rivals also offer, you remain an appealing choice for gamers.

Simple to use 

No one who plays casino games online is looking for a more complicated way of transferring money. This would soon make for a frustrating experience and could lead them to give up on iGaming altogether. 

With this in mind, the best online casinos will offer Paysafecard because it is simple to use. Once you have purchased the card, you simply need to enter the unique 16-digit code to start using it. There are no complex instructions to set it up and no hard-to-understand guidelines to use it. This is a major bonus not only for players but also for the casinos who are looking to attract them. 

Helps players to curb overspending on iGaming

Responsible gambling is a hot topic within the sector, and it is certainly something that brands in iGaming are focusing on. Paysafecard is a very good payment option in this regard and can help players manage their budgets better when playing classics such as blackjack. 

As the card only includes a set amount of cash on it, you can only spend that amount and no more. Even if the temptation is there to carry on gaming after all the money is gone, it is simply not possible. Paysafecard is not usually available in larger amounts either, which can help reduce overspending when gambling. 

Perfect for mobile gaming

It is estimated that the size of the mobile gaming market in 2030 could reach around $253bn, and mobile casino gaming will be a major part of that. There is no doubt that people now like to play casino games on mobile devices and that all casino sites have put a lot of emphasis on this area of their operations lately.

Paysafecard is popular with online casinos as a result because it is well-suited to mobile gaming. This is because there is a secure mobile app to use the card with that is available on both iOS and Android. In addition, Paysafecard’s app is easy to use and a quick way to fund any mobile gaming sessions. 

Paysafecard: A top choice for online casinos

As the above shows, Paysafecard is a popular payment option with all the best online casinos for some very good reasons. When you also consider that it is widely accepted in most countries, it is no shock to see it at the majority of casinos worldwide. 

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