Your ultimate guide to crash gambling (2023)

Online casinos are so widespread and well-known today that they hardly need to be explained. Everyone knows how online slot machine games and casino card games work. While many online casinos have slots libraries with hundreds of games and plenty of options for table games, sometimes players just want something new and exciting.

That’s where crash gambling comes in.

Crash gambling is a new type of online gambling game. It has become particularly popular at crypto casinos but can be found at regular online casinos as well. It is an incredibly simple game that has captured the attention of the online gambling world.

Finding the best crash gambling sites requires a bit of research and we can help with that. Read through this guide to learn about what crash gambling is, how it works and what to look for when you’re looking for a place to play crash gambling games in 2023.

What is crash gambling?

Crash gambling is a particularly simple type of gambling game. It is loosely inspired by betting on the stock market. Essentially, crash gambling is placing a bet on a line. The line goes up and your stake grows as it goes up. At some point, the line will crash and your bet will be wiped out.

It is a game that is easy to get hooked on because of its simplicity. It is all about luck and chance but it still feels like there is some strategy to it. This makes it even more appealing for players who enjoy coming up with and testing strategies while they play.

Can you make money crash gambling?

Like with all forms of gambling, it is possible to make money from crash gambling, but whether or not this is probable is another question altogether. Crash gambling has a similar return to player rate (RTP) to many of the top slot machine games, which is around 95%. This means that, over time, you’ll make back about 95% of what you spend playing.

How to play crash gambling games?

In order to play crash gambling games, you need to find an online casino that offers them and create an account there. Crash gambling is still pretty new, so not every online casino will offer these games. 

Currently, there are a handful of different crash games but most online casinos that offer them will only have one or two versions. Keep this in mind when you’re deciding which casino to create an account with.

Crash gambling bonuses

Online casinos love to offer welcome bonuses to reward new players for picking them. Crash gambling casinos are no different and this is great for new players. The most common types of welcome bonuses are free spins and matched deposits. While you can’t use free spins on crash games, you can use them to try other games on the platform if you ever need a break from crashing.

Since crash gambling is particularly popular at crypto casinos, some of these bonuses even include free coins! 

Matched deposits

Matched deposits are among the best bonuses offered in the industry. They are typically offered as welcome bonuses but you can occasionally find them as part of another promotion. 

With matched deposit bonuses, the online casino will match the amount that you deposit up to a set limit. Matched deposits are usually either 50% or 100%. They also typically have a wagering requirement that you need to hit before you can withdraw any of the winnings you’ve made from the credit you’ve been given. 

Are crash gambling sites safe?

Like with all online gambling, the level of safety and security depends on the online casino that you’re playing at. If you’re playing at a registered, legal online casino then it is more likely to be very safe and to have strong security protocols in place. With a registered casino, you are also more likely to have legal recourse in the case that something does go wrong.

If, however, you’re playing crash gambling games on sketchy websites that don’t have any of the proper certifications or licensing then there’s a good chance that it isn’t safe. Sometimes this is because they are at risk from hackers but sometimes this is also because these online casinos are scams.

You simply need to do your research and consult a legitimate guide before you start playing.

Is crash gambling legal?

Whether or not crash gambling is legal depends on where you live. Gambling laws vary dramatically by country and by state. If online gambling is legal in your location, then crash gambling is also legal. 

Online gambling laws are in flux around the world at the moment as governments try to catch up with the internet. It’s a good idea to keep yourself informed about what these laws are in your area so that you can have access to the best online casinos as soon as it’s possible to do so.

Final Thoughts

Crash gambling is a simplistic but enjoyable new type of online gambling. Whether or not it’s just a fad remains to be seen. Until something new comes along to capture everyone’s attention, jump on the line and ride it to the top!

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