5 Tips To Have A Wonderful Trip To Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the East Coast’s answer to Las Vegas. It has splashy casinos, incredible shows, and enough entertainment to fill anyone’s holiday itinerary. One of the biggest draws to Atlantic City is gambling. Whether it is your first visit to the area, or you happen to be a seasoned pro, there are some things you should know to ensure that your stay is a fun and safe one. Here’s a look at some of the top etiquette tips for gambling in Atlantic City.

Keep Your Drinking Down To The Minimum

In most casinos across the country, alcoholic drinks are free. That’s not an invitation to guzzle as many complimentary shots and beers as you can stand. The main reason for the free booze is that gamblers – newbies and seasoned players – tend to spend more on gambling the more they drink. Keep in mind, that casinos have a system. Cocktail servers will likely appear about once every 30 minutes or so and they will check your ID. Plus, you are only allowed to have one drink on the go at a time and won’t receive any more until the one you are nursing is finished.

Part of that system is observation. The cocktail server will be making mental notes about your behavior with each drink you consume and will keep a close eye on you if you start showing signs of having a little too much to drink. Don’t be surprised if the cocktail server or dealer has the beverage manager come over and assess your condition. If you are slurring your words, speaking incoherently, pounding tables or machines with your fists, using foul language, or have any other indication of intoxication, you will be removed from the casino floor.

Know The Basics Of Each Game You Play

It can be confusing in a casino. Not only are there dozens of different table games and variations of those games, but there are also thousands of different slot machines and that distracting droning sound of gambling activity. However, you don’t need to be an expert on any particular casino game in Atlantic City. If you need clarification, ask the dealer to explain the game to you. Casinos don’t always use the same rules on their table games so if there is a variation you are familiar with, ask if the table you are at offers that.

Aside from that, remember that you are required to remain seated when playing a table game. The reason for this is to permit security cameras the best view of the cards. Also, unless the cards are dealt directly in front of you, do not touch them. There are common hand signals used in blackjack but the dealer will also respond to you by saying, “hit me,” “stay,” “I want to split,” or whatever direction you want to provide. When in doubt, you can always ask the dealer for directions. They are always happy to make your gambling experience a good one. 

Online Betting Is Welcome In Atlantic City

While there are several hotels/casinos located in Atlantic City, you don’t have to experience the noise and confusion of a land-based casino if you don’t want to. The internet offers a great alternative in the form of online casinos. This means that if you are under the weather or just not feeling up to sliding into a seat in front of a slot machine or poker table, you can get the same basic experience on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You may even find a few sports betting opportunities online as well. Read more here for all the details.

Set A Limit On What You Can Lose

Okay, here’s the thing about casinos in Atlantic City. They are just like any other casino in that they are designed to make money. That’s why they have a House Edge built into each game which is tilted in favor of the casino. Sure, you may win a few good-sized jackpots. You may even score big. However, the odds are that you won’t. With this in mind, it is best to view your casino getaway as more entertainment than an attempt to get rich.

To help you stay focused on that point, it is always wise to set limits. For example, carry only as much cash as you intend to gamble with. Leave your credit and debit cards locked in the safe in your hotel room. Be reasonable with how much you take with you to the casino. Another very important limit to set is how much you are prepared to lose. Make it a number that makes sense and stick to it. Once you reach that figure, your gambling night in the casino comes to a close. This way you don’t spend too much nor will you lose too much.

Keep Your Stuff Off The Tables

One of the stiff rules casinos have is related to the playing surface of table games. If you are sitting at one, do not put your wallet (or purse), bags, keys, or anything on the table. The main reason is those security cameras in the ceiling. They need to see everything that is going on to keep the games safe for everyone. Intentionally blocking a camera is an automatic expulsion from the casino. Don’t be the person everyone else will talk about for the next few weeks. So keep your stuff away from the tabletop and you should be just fine.

Another note about drinks. If you do choose to partake in the complimentary drink service and are playing a table game, do not put your drink on the table. There are cup holders for that purpose. Other table games have a shelf that runs just below the rail to hold drinks. If a drink gets spilled on the table by accident, expect that table to be closed for the rest of the evening. If you are on a roll and this happens, imagine how you are going to feel so keep your drinks where they should be or just don’t drink when playing a table game.

Final Thoughts

Atlantic City is a lot of fun if you know the rules used by casinos. By following these rules – which are far from strict – you ensure that your gambling experience there will be a good one.

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