Gambling Bill Stalls in Alabama Legislature During Session’s Final Hours

In a disappointing conclusion to a long-running debate, Alabama lawmakers adjourned the 2024 legislative session on Thursday without reaching a final agreement on a gambling bill. It would have allowed for the launch of a statewide lottery and the expansion of iGaming in the state. 

Despite passing the House earlier in the session, the measure faced an impasse in the Senate, where a scaled-back version failed by a single vote, and subsequent efforts to break the stalemate proved unsuccessful. A similar bill was passed by the House in Maryland a couple of months ago, legalizing online poker and casino gambling in the state.

A Glimmer of Hope Dashed

As the session entered its final hours, optimism lingered among proponents of the gambling bill that a last-minute compromise could be reached. 

The House had previously approved a sweeping plan that would have authorized a statewide lottery, sports betting, and the introduction of up to 10 casinos with slot machines and table games. As reported by NPR, the bill ran into ‘stiff opposition,’ especially against sports betting.

However, the Senate adopted a more restrictive version, limiting the proposal to a lottery and allowing existing dog tracks and other sites to offer machines where players could bet on replays of horse races.

Despite these divergent approaches, a conference committee was formed to craft a compromise that would authorize a statewide lottery and permit slot machines at seven designated locations throughout the state. While this proposal got the green-light in the House, exceeding the required 63-vote threshold with a 72-29 vote, it narrowly failed in the Senate, falling one vote short of the 21 votes needed for passage.

Efforts to Revive the Bill Quashed

After the Senate’s single-vote rejection, supporters of the gambling bill remained hopeful that they could secure another vote and potentially break the stalemate. However, as the session’s final hours ticked away, it became increasingly evident that their efforts were in vain.

While talking to Fox News and other reporters, Republican Rep. Chris Blackshear, the bill’s sponsor, expressed frustration with the outcome. He urged the senators who voted against it to personally witness the challenges faced by all 67 counties in the state. 

Blackshear had championed the legislation as a means of generating much-needed revenue for education, infrastructure, and other essential services in the state. He wasn’t alone. 

The failure to reach an agreement on the gambling bill was met with disappointment and frustration from lawmakers and stakeholders across the political spectrum. 

Republican House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter voiced his dissatisfaction, saying they put in significant effort to find a resolution. He added that the public wants a chance to exercise their voting rights and that his sentiment is echoed in every place he visits.

Governor Kay Ivey, who had previously voiced her endorsement for granting Alabamians the opportunity to vote on the matter, reiterated the same. He said individuals should be given the opportunity to express their opinion through voting. However, when asked about the possibility of calling a special session to address the matter, Ivey acknowledged that such a move would be futile without lawmakers reaching an agreement first.

Ongoing Stalemate on Gambling in Alabama

The stalemate over gambling in Alabama has persisted for more than two decades, with the last statewide vote on the issue occurring in 1999. That year, a lottery proposal by then-Governor Don Siegelman was rejected by voters. 

Since 1999, multiple efforts have been made to establish gambling opportunities in the state, but debates over casinos and electronic gambling machines have consistently derailed these initiatives. A sports betting bill was introduced three years in a row from 2019 to 2022, but failed to pass either at the House or the Senate.

Proponents of the recently stalled bill argued that its passage would have provided the state with much-needed revenue to bolster education funding, improve infrastructure, and address other pressing needs. Rep. Chris Blackshear lamented the missed opportunity, stating, “We had it as close as it’s been before. We had a chance.”

Frustrations with the Status Quo

Supporters of gambling expansion in Alabama expressed frustration with the state’s current situation, which has led to many residents traveling to neighboring states to participate in lottery games and casino activities, effectively benefiting other states’ programs and economies.

Rep. Barbara Drummond, a Democrat, voiced her exasperation, stating, “I’m frustrated today. The House stood up like it should, but it hit a wall upstairs. It’s time we stop playing these games of special interest and look out for the people who send us here.”

The Road Ahead for Gambling in Alabama

With the 2024 legislative session now concluded, the path forward for gambling legalization and expansion in Alabama remains uncertain. While proponents of the bill have vowed to continue their efforts, the entrenched positions on both sides of the debate suggest that reaching a consensus will be an uphill battle.

Republican Senator Garlan Gudger, a member of the conference committee that crafted the failed compromise proposal, expressed pessimism about the prospects of reviving the issue in the near future. Republican Rep. Andy Whitt, who played a leading role in the legislative effort, also remained hopeful.

Wrapping Up

The failure to reach an agreement on a gambling bill during the 2024 legislative session represents a significant setback for those seeking to legalize and expand gaming opportunities in Alabama. While the issue has been a perennial source of contention, the narrow margin by which the measure failed in the Senate underscores the shifting attitudes and potential for future progress.

As lawmakers and stakeholders regroup and reassess their strategies, the people of Alabama will continue to watch and wait, hoping for a resolution that addresses the state’s fiscal challenges while respecting the diverse perspectives and concerns of its citizens. Whether through renewed legislative efforts or a future statewide referendum, the gambling debate in Alabama is poised to remain a defining issue for years to come.

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