Online Bingo Or Bingo Hall? What To Expect In 2022

New technology has changed and we do a lot of things. It has altered how we communicate, shop, research, and entertain ourselves. With the addition of the pandemic changing our normal in-person interaction, many of us have turned to the internet for a variety of reasons. With casinos and bingo halls falling victim to all kinds of Covid restrictions, it only made sense that there would be an influx of casinos and games of chance surfacing online. Bingo is one such example. In this article, we will take a look at the history of the game and see where it is going in the age of new technology.

A Little Bit of History

Oddly enough, this game of chance has a long history that has led it to where bingo casinos online are commonplace. But it hasn’t always been this way. Originally known as lotto, this game was being played frequently in the mid-1500s in Italy. By the 18th century, a home version known as Tombola was created in Naples. This version included the addition of cards, tokens, and numbers being called out to determine winners. In the following century, another similar version of this game was played. Only this incarnation was targeted at children as a learning tool that taught them math, spelling, and the names of various animals.

In 1778, a French game called Le Lotto surfaced. It contained 27 squares configured in a three-row, nine-column layout. Five squares in each row had random numbers between 1 and 90. This design was the one used to create the bingo card we are familiar with today. In the early 1920s, an entrepreneur named Hugh J. Ward standardized the game for use in carnivals in the Pennsylvania area. He even published a rule book and eventually copyrighted his design in 1933. The game became popular thanks to the efforts of Edwin Lowe who in 1929 saw players engaged in a similar game that followed the rules published by Lowe.

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Ward took the game to New York, introduced it to friends, and manufactured a version of it that gained in popularity over the years. By the 1940s, Bingo was played throughout the United States. However, the origin of the name Bingo is not clear. It seems to go back as far as the mid-1920s when the game was called Beano. Legend has it that during a particularly exciting game of Beano, one of Lowe’s friends had a winning card and shouted out the word Bingo by mistake. It stuck as the word Bingo bears a resemblance to the sound of a bell and is more pleasant to hear than the word Beano. But that’s unverified.

Why Bingo Is So Popular

The simple answer to why Bingo is so popular is that it is painfully easy to play. All you need is a card and a way to mark off the numbers that get called. Essentially, you follow along and tick off spaces on your card that contain random numbers. Each time you tick off a number that is selected by random, you get closer to scoring a Bingo. When you score a Bingo, you are the winner of that game.

Bingo played in bingo halls and senior centers in communities has become key fundraising activities for various non-profit organizations. Bingo nights are a common occurrence in almost any small town and as a result, are considered a vital social event. Some Bingo nights feature flea markets or vendors selling products, food and beverage sales, and a lot of socializing. In some communities, Bingo nights are the highlight of the week for residents who enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of spending a few hours with friends and neighbors playing a fun game that may fill their pockets with some extra cash.

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The Attraction of Online Bingo

Because Bingo is such an easy game to play, it translates well to the internet and is legal to play online. It is why so many online casinos feature Bingo as one of the games they host. If you have never played Bingo before, it is easy to master and there are no tricks that can improve your odds. All you can do to try to increase the likelihood of winning a game is to play more than one card at a time. Even that does not guarantee success. The main difference between online bingo and playing in-person bingo is that with it online, you can play it from the comfort of your home at any time you wish.

What has made online Bingo attractive to seasoned Bingo players is the new and interesting game versions that have surfaced. Another incentive to consider with online bingo is that depending on the specific site, players can receive some amazing prizes and promotions. They can range from free tickets to play to large bonuses and even multiple jackpots. These types of offers are not normally made available at bingo halls. This is particularly true with bingo games organized at non-profit sites such as seniors halls or the local Legion. While land-based casinos may have some bingo bonuses, they still will not match what the internet offers.


Bingo has a long history that dates back well over 500 years. That means the game has a solid foundation and is not about to suddenly disappear due to a lack of interest. What makes the game so interesting is that it does not require the knowledge and skill as some other common casino games. This makes Bingo the perfect game for beginners and seasoned players. Plus, when the pandemic forced various Covid protocols onto land-based casinos and bingo halls, players could still get their regular bingo fix by visiting online bingo casinos. They continue to be popular as they provide bingo players with an outlet where they can still play bingo but do not have to leave their homes to do so. While this removes the social aspect of an in-person night of bingo, it still feeds that desire to play this popular game of chance.

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