Online Casino Games That Pay Real Money

When the first online casino games started appearing on the internet, they were very different from the ones we are familiar with today. Technology was at a place where graphics were boxy, the movement was clunky, and play was slow and painful. With advancements in technology in recent years, casino games have improved at lightning speed. The graphics are stunning and vibrant, and the game selection has increased countlessly.

The gameplay is fast and smooth, replicating what you would expect to find at a land-based casino. Plus, online casino games are not just for entertainment anymore. There are hundreds of internet-based casinos where you can play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home and win real money doing so. To give you a bit of an edge, let’s take a closer look at five casino games you can play anytime at online casinos that pay real money, according to


You could win a lot of money playing baccarat online. It is a game that requires two hands of cards. Your hand is the player, and the dealer’s hand is the banker. The player can bet on either hand before the cards are dealt. A hand consists of two cards that go to each player and the banker. The total of each two-card hand is how the score is determined, and the hand closest to nine wins. Face cards and 10s have no value, and a third card can be dealt to get closer to the win total of nine points. A tie is not a win or loss. This is one of the oldest casino games with a history that dates back to gambling houses centuries ago.


This is one of the most popular casino card games that have translated well to the internet. Two hands are dealt, the player and the dealer. The idea of the game is for the player to score higher than the dealer without going over 21. In this card game, face cards and 10’s all equal 10 points. An Ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on its use. Players that score 21 win an extra payout. It is common for players to have third and fourth cards dealt in their hands to improve their score against the dealer. A fair deal of strategy comes into play when trying to beat the dealer’s hand.

Online Slots

It is hard to determine if the world of online slots enhanced slot machine activity in land-based casinos or if new technology with video slot machines in land-based casinos enhanced the online offerings. Regardless, you can win huge payouts playing online slots. Be sure to check the terms and conditions listed at the online casino site where you play slots, as there will be some restrictions related to jackpots and payouts. Aside from that, slots are the easiest casino game for beginners as they require little skill if any. Just press the spin button, and you are in the game. Big life-changing jackpots are possible with progressive slots.


This is an interesting online casino game because roulette is likely the most unpredictable game in a gambling setting. Winning at roulette revolves mainly around luck, as skill is not a factor. Also, you are placing a wager against the house rather than against other players, as with poker. That being said, several betting strategies can improve your odds of winning. That is another interesting thing about roulette – it is a game that contains more betting variations than any other casino game. However, it isn’t a game that offers big wins like many of the others listed here.

Video Poker

There is a difference between video poker and poker played in a land-based casino. With video poker, you are just playing your hand with the computer. In poker, you are playing against other players. There is still a fair deal of strategy to be successful at either game. Video poker also offers game variations with names like Deuces Wild, Jacks, or Better. Payouts result when a player matches any of the hands listed on the payout list. For example, four-of-a-kind and other combinations that would win in head-to-head poker against other players. Big jackpots are available through progressive video poker machines.

Benefits of Online Casino Games

There are several advantages to playing at online casinos. Probably the best one is that you can play from anywhere you can access the internet. This means you can play casino games on your way to work, office, home, or wherever. Another benefit is that many online casinos have apps that you download to gain instant access to their games room. There are safety features, including secure payment portals where you can deposit funds to gamble with and withdraw your winnings. 

Another bonus is that many online casinos provide various offers designed to attract and retain players. High rollers normally receive VIP status, which unlocks additional perks. Online casinos also contain some of the best game software on the internet. Plus, a larger variety of games is found at an online casino compared to a brick-and-mortar site. And finally, internet-based casinos give players access to gambling games in parts of the country where no land-based casinos exist.

Final Thoughts 

Online gambling has become far more than just a form of entertainment. It has become a way to make big money if you know what casino games to play. Even beginners can be successful in visiting online casinos. The best games that pay real money include baccarat, blackjack, online slots, roulette, and video poker. With the details on each above, players should have a better idea of what games to focus their attention on when they enter an online casino.

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