Playtech Invests Further in NorthStar Gaming to Boost Player Acquisition Push

NorthStar Gaming, a subsidiary of NorthStar Ontario, has further expanded its strategic alliance with Playtech Software Limited. The companies have extended their partnership, initially formed in June, 2023, with Playtech now doubling down on its marketing agreement to support NorthStar Gaming’s expansion in the regulated Canadian gambling market.

According to Yahoo Finance, Playtech had agreed in mid-2023 to provide NorthStar Ontario with initial contribution of up to C$1.5 million (with a possibility of increasing it to C$4 million) to directly assist its player acquisition strategy starting in the latter half of year and potentially extending to the first quarter of 2024. Playtech will receive reimbursement and compensation based on a share of revenue generated from the marketing efforts in which Playtech participated.

The Strengthened Partnership

Under the terms of the renewed agreement, Playtech will contribute CA$3 million in short-term financing to NorthStar Gaming. This capital injection will boost the Canadian operator to pursue an aggressive player acquisition strategy, leveraging Playtech’s technology stack and expertise. 

The partnership holds mutual benefits, as the financing enables NorthStar Gaming to accelerate its growth, while Playtech gains through a revenue-sharing agreement based on the capital deployed for customer acquisition. The news comes just months after an Ontario casino was penalized $70,000 after a player was allowed to buy chips with $80,000 they brought in a grocery bag.

Previous Collaboration and Proven Success

The extended partnership builds upon the success of the companies’ initial collaboration. Playtech had previously provided CA$4 million in funding under the terms of the original agreement. 

The renewed agreement will see Playtech’s marketing investment reach up to CA$4 million, fueling NorthStar Gaming’s player acquisition efforts through October 31, 2024. However, the strategic alignment between the two companies extends beyond this financial commitment.

NorthStar Ontario has issued CA$3 million in unsecured, interest-bearing promissory notes to Playtech as of April 25, 2024. This move underscores the companies’ commitment to exploring additional collaborative opportunities that could further strengthen their positions in the dynamic iGaming landscape.

The decision to deepen ties in an indication of the positive operational results it has yielded for both parties. NorthStar Ontario has witnessed its brand thrive across online casinos and sports betting verticals, benefiting from Playtech’s comprehensive technology stack. 

Playtech has reaped rewards through the revenue-sharing model tied to the marketing capital utilized for attracting new players to NorthStar Ontario’s platforms. The iGaming software provider saw its revenue jump by nearly 7% to 6.6% to €1.71 billion ($1.85 billion) in 2023, according to a report by Market Screener.

Michael Moskowitz, CEO and Chair of NorthStar, welcomed the opportunity to deepen the company’s partnership with Playtech. He said their ongoing support has been instrumental in helping them to acquire new customers, provide a premium online gaming experience, and fund the expansion of their brand in Ontario and across Canada.

The collaboration has granted NorthStar Gaming access to Playtech’s comprehensive technology stack, presenting a significant opportunity to enhance the company’s platforms. This helps them bolster its market standing, and potentially pursue growth beyond Ontario as the two firms align their strategic goals.

Playtech’s Financial Performance and Industry Position

Playtech is a global leader in the iGaming industry, renowned for its cutting-edge technology solutions and extensive partnerships with operators worldwide. With a comprehensive product portfolio spanning online casino, live casino, sports betting, and various ancillary services, Playtech has established itself as a driving force behind the digital transformation of the gambling sector.

At the heart of Playtech’s success lies its unwavering commitment to innovation and its ability to anticipate and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry. The company’s technology stack is designed to provide a seamless, immersive gaming experience across multiple platforms and channels, enabling its operator partners to deliver superior products and services to their customers.

The additional investment in NorthStar Gaming coincides with Playtech’s robust financial performance in 2023. The company recently encountered a setback when a major client refused to pay for services rendered.

Despite this challenge, Playtech remains a big player in the iGaming industry, leveraging its technological prowess and extensive partnerships to drive innovation and growth. The company’s commitment to NorthStar Gaming underscores its confidence in the Canadian market’s potential and its strategic vision for solidifying its position in this burgeoning sector.

NorthStar Gaming’s Rapid Growth and Future Outlook

NorthStar Gaming, a subsidiary of NorthStar Ontario, has emerged as a rapidly growing force in the Canadian iGaming market. Established with a vision to provide a premium, locally-tailored online gaming experience, the company has leveraged strategic partnerships and a commitment to innovation to propel its growth trajectory.

NorthStar Gaming has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, reflecting the strength of its business model and the effectiveness of its strategic partnerships. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the company reported a 103% year-over-year increase in revenue, reaching CA$6.5 million. For the full year 2023, revenue soared by 240% to CA$19.4 million compared to the previous year.

These impressive financial results were underpinned by robust key performance indicators (KPIs), including a 31% decline in the cost per acquisition of a customer (CPA) and an 18% increase in estimated 12-month player values. The Canadian company surpassed CA$1 billion in total wagers since the launch of its NorthStar Bets platform in May 2022, especially as other casinos pay large jackpots and winnings.

Looking ahead, NorthStar Gaming is well-positioned to capitalize on its momentum. The company plans to expand its managed services business acquired through the Slapshot Media transaction while continuing to enhance its casino and sportsbook offerings. Maintaining operational excellence, prioritizing customer service, and reinforcing its premium positioning will be key focus areas as the company pursues further growth opportunities in the Canadian market and potentially beyond.

Wrapping Up

The extended partnership between Playtech and NorthStar Gaming exemplifies the strategic collaboration driving innovation and growth in the iGaming industry. By leveraging their respective strengths and aligning their objectives, the companies are poised to capture a larger share of the burgeoning Canadian market.

As NorthStar Gaming continues its player acquisition push, bolstered by Playtech’s capital injection and technological expertise, the companies are well-equipped to deliver a compelling gaming experience to Canadian players. With a shared commitment to operational excellence and a forward-thinking approach, this strengthened alliance holds the potential to reshape the competitive landscape and unlock new frontiers of success in the dynamic world of online gambling.

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