Poker Chips: Quick Introduction

If you’re playing any game that uses chips as a currency, you should know the value of each chip; this can be tricky because most chipsets are unmarked unless you are at a casino or a professional tournament.

Poker is an interesting game and has been played for many centuries. It is played in various casinos, at homes, and nowadays, even online poker is available. And if you know something related to poker, you might have also heard about poker chips with denominations. Poker chips are disk-shaped objects used to represent an amount of money while gambling.

While there is no official rule for how chip values are assigned, common standards are used for most poker events. A complete basic set of poker chips used in private poker games or other gambling games usually consisted of white, red, blue, green, and black chips. Larger, high-stakes tournaments may use chipsets with many more colors.

Whatever value system you use, make sure all your participants understand the denominations and values of each type of chip. A good way to do this is to write down and post the denominations so everyone can see them. Marking the chips themselves by writing the denominations on them is generally discouraged. Consequently, the headings below shall seek to give an understanding of poker chips.

Standard poker chip values and colors

Every casino, cardroom, and home game host can establish their poker chip values. The values may vary by tournament operator, casino owner, or local poker community standards. One of the first questions a player should ask at a new venue is: “How much are poker chips worth?”

Poker chip values

Values assigned to chips are generally the same across most poker rooms: $1, $5, $10, $20, or $25, $100, $500, and $1,000. There are usually $5,000 and $1,000 chips on hand for higher stakes, with some as high as $25,000 or $100,000.

Chips used for home games are often the same, with white as the lowest denomination, then red, blue, green, black, purple (or lavender), yellow, orange, and another shade of green. Some venues offer pink and various shades of blue. You can check out the 15 best poker chip sets as you read on.

Poker chip colors

The primary reason poker games use chips is to create consistency. Players in almost every establishment must exchange money for chips and use the chips only at the tables. The chips are all the same size, with only colors to designate the difference in values. however, when playing online poker, be sure to take your poker chips and a poker bonus with you. You can find the best poker bonuses at  To increase your earnings.

Colour coding also allows security systems to better monitor the action at tables, as chip stack sizes and different colors are easier to see than dollar bills.

All venues will differentiate their poker chip colors for cash games and tournaments. The basic reason is that gaming chips in cash games are worth the exact value of the chip. In tournaments, however, players buy-in for a specific amount of money that doesn’t usually correspond with the amount in their starting chip stacks.

Another reason to use separate chips is to prevent players from trying to sneak cash game chips into a tournament. Tournament chips are kept in a very secure location until the event occurs. Poker players can also keep chips and take them from the casino — usually memorabilia. 

Tournament chips, however, are the strict property of the establishment. Different poker chip colors separate the two types of chips. Tournament chips must have higher denominations, often bearing the event’s name or hosts, such as the World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour.

Chip values in cash games

Most poker rooms use the same poker chip values across different cash games. There’s no industry standard, but most establishments apply identical poker chip color values for at least some denominations, like the $100 black chips. Other values may vary, especially for the higher-value chips.

  • White = $1
  • Red = $5
  • Blue, Brown, or Orange = $10
  • Green = $25
  • Black = $100
  • Purple = $500
  • Yellow, Orange, or Gray = $1,000
  • Orange, Gray, or Red/White/Blue = $5,000
  • Dark Green, Dark Blue, or Brown = $25,000
  • Light Blue or Gray = $100,000

Most professional poker chips at poker rooms display the room’s logo in the center of all gaming chips. The logo display is a form of advertisement, but the logo or brand name also makes the chips optimal for mementos and collections.

Removing colored chips from casinos

Some restrictions apply to removing poker chips for cash games from casinos. There’s usually a time limit on cashing in the chips. Because of the time limit, you usually can’t cash in chips used as collector items at a later date. Poker rooms may also periodically change their logos or designs to prevent counterfeits and fraud.

Rectangular poker chips

For the highest-stakes cash games, casinos started using rectangular plaques. These are heavier and different from any poker chip. Their unique design is an indicator that the stakes are high. High-stakes players often enjoy using something other than standard gambling chips. And it’s not a coincidence that the shape of these chips resembles the shape of paper money.

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