The Best Gambling Games to Play on a Trip to Vegas

Nowadays, we are lucky to be able to enjoy the thrill of online gambling and sports betting at online sites such as – which brings the thrill of Vegas right to your own home. However, that’s certainly not to say that heading over to Sin City doesn’t have its own appeal. If you do want to enjoy the gambling experience at the world’s online gambling capital, then here are some of the best games to play in their world-famous casinos:

Blackjack – Lowest House Edge

If you are a lover of casino games but want to play a game that offers the best odds and the lowest house edge, then blackjack – aka twenty-one, might be the game for you. If you are one that employs blackjack strategies, then the house edge is negligible… and if you can count cards (without getting caught) then you can even beat the casino.

This is always popular with Las Vegas gamblers because you can strategize, which gives it the edge over other casino games. However, always go for a game where you can double down – otherwise, the dealer will always have the edge.

Poker: Great Odds

This is a game that the casino loves – because they have nothing at stake – it’s players pitting themselves against each other. Players love it because it gives them the chance to compete with other players. Poker is a game of skill and strategy  – and if you know how to play the game, have mastered your poker face and have brought enough cash with you to up the ante as you play, you have a decent chance of success… as you are practically master of your own destiny. However, we would only recommend playing poker if you know exactly what you are doing – as this is a game where skill and practice win out. If you are someone that thinks Texas Hold ‘em is the name of a western movie then you are better off avoiding the game in Vegas – as the competition in Sin City is as tough as it could possibly be.

Video Poker

If you want to stay away from the tables and don’t want to empty your wallet on the slot machines -and you know poker well enough, but not necessarily enough to face the Las Vegas bigwigs, then video poker is a great alternative, especially if you are prepared to learn a proper poker strategy. Unlike slots, this is a game where you can improve your chances – and although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee wins, it gives you an advantage. As long as you study just a little, it will reduce the house edge and it will go a little more in your favour.


Another one with great odds and a lower house edge is Craps. According to studies, if you spend 10 hours playing Craps, betting about $5 per round, then you will probably end up losing about $30 overall. However – with the same bet size and playtime on slots, you will end up loading, on average, $630.

What’s more, Craps is a lot more exciting to play than keeping pressing spin on a slot machine. Playing Craps is known for being lots of fun – and the energy and excitement found at the craps table are usually far more enticing than at any other casino game. However… make sure you don’t get too carried away. This is touted to have the second-best odds – and you have almost a 50-50 chance of winning some moolah.

Penny Slots

If you want to just have a bit of fun without breaking the bank, then Penny Slots might be exactly what you are after – as they give you the fun of Las Vegas without risking too much of your own money.

If you just play for a small amount of money with every spin, you can spend much longer playing, spending less money and still have the chance to win real money. Sometimes Vegas is all about the fun – and the shows –  and this is what it’s about.

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