Wynn Fall Classic Series Runs Oct. 2-29 On The Las Vegas Strip

As far as live poker tournaments go, the Wynn Fall Classic is one of the most highly anticipated. Standing as a pinnacle in the world of live poker tournaments, the event draws enthusiasts and professionals alike from all corners of the world. The anticipation surrounding this poker competition is truly a testament to the unique blend of components that make this Wynn Classic truly exceptional.

One of the primary reasons why the Wynn Fall Classic is so popular is the legacy it carries. Wynn Las Vegas has a storied history of hosting prestigious poker tournaments and has become a hub for top-tier poker tournaments series in the country. This year, the Wynn Fall Classic series is expected to start on October 2nd, marketing the start of more than 3 weeks of intense poker action.

What should poker players expect from the Wynn Fall Classic series?

With more than 20 tournaments planned, poker players from all over will converge at Wynn Las Vegas to test their skills and strategies. The crown jewel of the whole series is the No-limit hold’em championship event. This championship event will start on October 19th and will last through to October 23rd.

The championship promises a jaw-dropping $1 million guaranteed prize pool, making it a magnet for professional poker players and aspiring amateurs alike. The structure of the tournament in 2023 will consist of 3 starting flights that each require a buy-in of $1600. This will be a modest buy in comparison to the life-changing winnings one stands to walk away with.

For those poker players interested in taking part in the tournament series but are hesitant owing to the hefty buy-in, the Classic series also offers participants a lifeline via satellite tournaments. Poker players can secure their set in the championship event simply by taking part in the satellite games, which will only require $300 for a shot at winning the $1 million prize pool.

With 3 10-seat guaranteed qualifiers scheduled between October 19th and 20th, the satellites add a fresh layer of excitement and accessibility to the grand event. The Wynn Fall Classics Series has been designed to cater to a diverse audience of poker lovers. Beyond the classic no-limit hold ’em, the series also introduces an array of poker variants that challenge the skills of the players, as well as their strategic acumen.

From limit Omaha eight-or-better to pot-limit Omaha, H.O.R.S.E., dealer’s choice, and Big O, the series ensures that twyhere is a poker variety for everyone. Whether one is taking part as a seasoned professional or an amateur, the Wynn Fall Classic series provides a great chance for players to expand their horizons while exploring new facets of the beloved games.

One of the marquee events that is sure to capture the attention of the participants is the $1 million guaranteed mystery bounty tournament with a buy-in of $1600. Starting on October 12th, the tournament will introduce a fresh and exciting twist to the traditional poker format. Participants will receive random prize payouts for each opponent that they eliminate, adding a surprising and unpredictable component to the festivities.

What is so remarkable about this series is that it has gone above and beyond to be as inclusive as possible. The series has also organized 2 senior events, each with enticing guarantees. On October 4th, the senior event will offer a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool, which will give a platform for experienced players to showcase their skills. 

Another seniors event will be held on October 16th boasting an even more substantial guarantee of $100,000. This higher guarantee promises fierce competition, as well as considerable rewards for the winners.

Each of the events during the Wynn Classic series has been designed to offer enticing guarantees, adding a fresh layer of thrill. Among some of the other events to look forward to include the $1,100 buy-in kick-off event, featuring a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. This event will set the tone for the series and will ensure that participants are kept on their toes throughout.

Looking ahead: WPT World Championship

As if the thrill of the Fall Classic Series wasn’t enough, the Wynn Las Vegas has also been gearing up to host the grand finale of all poker tournaments this December. At the end of the year, Wynn will play host to the WPT World Championship, a tournament that touts a massive $40 million in prizes.

For experienced poker pros, the WPT World Championship represents the pinnacle of competitive poker, offering a rare chance to go head-to-head against the best of the best. Building against the resounding success of 2022’s tournament, this year’s WPT World Championship promises an experience like never before.

The 2023 record-breaking event, where the prize pool grew to an unprecedented $29,008,000, left an unforgettable mark on the poker landscape. This year, the stakes will be even higher and the competition fiercer as the potential rewards are astronomical. 2022 saw the poker world witness history when Canadian poker player Elliot Hutton bagged the grand prize of $4,136,000. 

Last year the tournament managed to attract an impressive field of 2960. Such a remarkable level of success during the tournament’s inaugural year set the stage for an even better spectacle in December. Scheduled to commence on December 12th through to the 21st, the 2023 WPT World Championship promises unparalleled excitement.

The tournament will feature 4 starting flights that will welcome poker players from a range of backgrounds and dreams of taking the grand prize home. The culmination of the competition will be broadcast to the world via a televised live table, thus adding added drama to the festivities.

With a comprehensive schedule made up of more than 30 poker tournaments, there will be something for poker players of all levels. From the amped-up WPT Prime Championship that features a $5 million guarantee and televised final table to the $1 million Big One for One Drop, there will be a variety for all pros.

Final Thoughts

As the Las Vegas Strip buzzes with anticipation, poker enthusiasts from around the globe are preparing for an unforgettable poker experience at the Wynn Las Vegas. While the poker community continues to count down the days to December, the excitement is palpable. Indeed, the 2023 WPT World Championship is a saga waiting to unfold.

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