2023 Poker Masters Crowns Three Champions, Main Event on Tap

The poker community has been buzzing with excitement as PokerOrg, one of the most identifiable sources of poker news, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP). This dynamic partnership is expected to set the stage for PokerOrg to become the Official Media Partner for the WSOP Circuit Tour’s 2023/2024 season.

In a major move aimed at redefining the landscape of poker reporting, WSOP is entrusting PokerOrg with the responsibility of delivering insightful and engaging coverage of the WSOP circuit Tour. Over the years, PokerOrg has made a name for itself for its vibrant reporting style that has allowed it to gain a dedicated following within the growing online gaming sector.

This partnership promises to amplify PokerOrg’s impact by supplying its customers with an unparalleled platform for delivering captivating insights, as well as comprehensive information regarding the WSOP Circuit Tour. This deal between PokerOrg and WSOP will ensure a dedicated outlet for poker enthusiasts, as well as fans of the WSOP Circuit Tour.

PokerOrg’s reputation as an innovative source of poker news aligns perfectly with the grandeur of the WSOP Circuit Tour. PokerOrg boasts a finger in the pulse of the poker sector which means that the company is poised to provide in-depth reports for each WSOP Circuit event.

The scope of this partnership transcends borders and will cater to not just a national audience but also WSOP’s international customers and supporters. This collaboration will involve the airing of captivating coverage through Poker.Org, and WSOP.com, as well as their respective social media channels. This multi-platform approach will ensure that enthusiasts internationally can access riveting content.

Unleashing a new era in poker reporting

As the Official Media Partner, PokerOrg’s role comes with an array of responsibilities each designed to enrich the experiences of WSOP’s community. Beyond traditional reporting, PokerOrg is also set to introduce enhanced coverage of side events. This will entail comprehensive information regarding exciting actions, highlights of major poker hands, as well as personalized insights that supply a deeper understanding of the game in general.

This partnership between WSOP and PokerOrg will not only fill the gap that was left by the absence of a media partner since 2020 but will also open doors to the debut of a new era of poker journalism. Where there was once a void now stands an opportunity for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the excitement of the WSOP Circuit Tour through the professional and vibrant reporting lens of PokerOrg.

Eric Hollreiser, the CEO of PokerOrg, highlighted the spirit of this collaboration by emphasizing the platform’s commitment to delivering fresh and immersive coverage. The CEO of PokerOrg stressed the importance of celebrating the dynamic elements that make up the game of poker from dramatic hero calls to bad beats.

PokerOrg’s style of reporting is extremely similar to typical social media interactions which helps to bring the poker personalities and encounters to life, thus adding a new layer to the poker narrative.  

Ty Stewart, the executive director of the World Series of Poker, lauded the partnership as a testament to the resurgence of the Poker Boom, dubbing it the Poker Boom 2.0. The WSOP Circuit is hailed as one of the most competitive yet rewarding tournament series internationally and with this collaboration, that status has been fortified.

Stewart acknowledged the collective demand from players for increased news coverage of WSOP’s events and this deal with PokerOrg responds to the petition. In response to the leadership’s perspective, this alliance with PokerOrg serves as an affirmation of WSOP’s commitment to delivering top-tier experiences to enthusiasts all through.

WSOP Online 2023 promises a monumental event

The online poker world has been gearing up for a monumental event as WSOP collaborates with GGPoker to launch the exhilarating WSOP Online 2023. Since it was launched in 2020, WSOP Online has slowly risen to become one of the most established online poker tournament series in the world.

The allure of WSOP gold bracelets, coupled with the chance to join the array of legendary poker players has cemented WSOP as the pinnacle of professional online poker. What makes WSOP so great is that, unlike some tournaments, it has not been limited by geographical boundaries.

Instead, Poker professionals from all corners of the world can vie for the coveted WSOP gold bracelet this year at GGPoker. Poker players in Ontario can take part in the excitement online at GGPoker.CA. Meanwhile, residents of a few US states including Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, as well as Pennsylvania can indulge in the gaming festivities on WSOP.com.

In an unprecedented move this year, both GGPoker and WSOP will host an astonishing 33 WSOP gold bracelets during WSOP Online 2023. Adding to the excitement, GGPoker.Ca has raised the stakes even higher by introducing an additional 8 WSOP bracelets, which will be up for grabs.

The action is set to kick off on August 20th at both GGPoker and GGPoker.Ca before concluding on October 2nd, 2023. The action will then move to WSOP.com from September 10th to October 17th. The carefully curated schedule has been designed to allow poker enthusiasts of all levels to engage and will offer a range of buy-ins and satellites daily.

This year, the online tournament also has a special treat for poker fans. Daniel Negreanu, a renowned figure in the poker world, will be a part of the schedule. As a GGpoker ambassador, Negreanu is expected to draw a crowd as he is no stranger to the allure of WSOP gold bracelets. Negreanu so far boasts 6 bracelets in his impressive collection.

Final Thoughts

The union between Poker Org and WSOP marks a pivotal moment in the poker reporting sector. As the 2 influential entities join forces, poker enthusiasts can look forward to a more enriched and engaging gambling experience capable of transcending the boundaries of traditional reporting.

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