Caesars Announces 2023 WSOP Schedule

For poker players and enthusiasts, there is a set of dates that are worth taking note of. The organizers of WSOP have revealed that the timeline for the 54th annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) is out and this means that poker wins are guaranteed for 2023. According to Caesars Entertainment, it is now time for aspiring poker champions to put on their training gear and improve their strategy for the upcoming play season. It is now public knowledge that the longest-running poker series returns to Paris Las Vegas and the soon-to-be Horseshoe on May 30 – July 18, 2023.

We know the start and end dates for the tournament but the full schedule will be available later on in 2023. In the meantime, players and fans need to mark their calendars for notable tournaments and high-demand weekend-anchoring events which have already been slotted. For close to 7 weeks during which the tournament will run, it is going to be a season of looking forward to the next casino poker room event based on how previous ones were played. 

Speaking during the announcement of the planned dates, the Vice President and Executive Director of WSOP, Ty Stewart said that the debut of the WSOP on the Las Vegas Strip delivered in a major way and the team was excited to reveal the planned dates of the summer event. This is great information for players and lovers of poker who can now start filling in their calendars of events they plan to be a part of. Events of this nature have the ability to liven up a destination and the travel can be a massive inspiration to those that appreciate adventure and creating new experiences. How about booking a solo or family trip to the WSOP as a holiday gift?

Stewart stated that the brand was excited to be holding a world-class poker event in Paris Las Vegas and the future Horseshoe Las Vegas. This is an opportunity once again for the poker world to usher in an exciting chapter in the tournament’s history as these two resorts raised the bar after the manner in which they hosted last year’s event. The last tournament which was held in 2022 attracted 197,626 entrants drawn from 100 countries with a ground-breaking $347.9 million total prize pool.

The 2023 WSOP schedule

The 2023 WSOP is going to feature the much-awaited $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship, best known as “The Main Event.” Fan can also look out for available new events and the return of timeless classics. The “Mystery Millions” which will be the flagship opening event, is a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament with mystery bounties ranging from $10,000 to $1 million for each knockout. The same event will also feature a $1 million guaranteed first prize through the traditional prize pool.

Last year’s summer was characterized by a first mystery bounty event graced by a whopping 14,112 entries and a $1,000,000 bounty win, hit by poker pro Matt Glantz. The Main Event of 2022 was the second-largest field in live poker history, generating a massive $80,782,475 prize pool from 8,663 entrants. “The Main Event” will once again feature four starting days to pick from, running from July 3 – 6. Players will also be granted the opportunity to choose to buy in on either Day 2s, July 7, or July 8.

Anticipation for the WSOP will be starting way ahead of time; six months to be precise. For those who will be looking to accommodate at locations in the vicinity of the poker rooms, there are plenty of options. As a matter of fact, reduced room rates are now available across Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas resorts during the 2023 WSOP. Early bird bookings will attract special rates by visiting Caesars’ website and using the advanced booking code “WSOP23.”

According to the SVP and General Manager of Paris and Horseshoe Las Vegas, Jason Gregorec, there is still time for players to sharpen their skills as they gear up for a season of play and goodies from the WSOP. We still have over 6 months before it is time for the WSOP to start again and there is great anticipation in the air and around the resorts. 

Veteran poker fans will remember what an epic experience the tournament created for stakeholders when it debuted on The Strip. This time around, the organizers are excited as they envision the great moments that all involved parties will reap from it. Gregorec has revealed that everyone on the team is looking forward to the first WSOP Main Event champion to be crowned at the new Horseshoe Las Vegas.

The WSOP tournament of 2023 will be celebrating its second summer at its newly announced location of Paris Las Vegas and the future Horseshoe Las Vegas. Poker has undoubtedly created a touring environment for everyone who wants to be part of the action caravan. Even though the industry has experienced a swift shift in preference for online gaming over physical encounters, poker hits differently when played on a tangible table. It is therefore going to be years and even decades of physical play in events around the world for lovers of the game. 

The 2023 WSOP tournament will be the 54th annual edition that the event is being played based on the legacy of Caesars Entertainment. Watching the evolution of the events since it was played at the original Horseshoe Las Vegas in 1970, it is clear that poker can only get better with time. One outstanding feature that everyone will attest to is that poker today has far too many young folks contrary to decades ago. 

Final Thoughts

Looking forward to playing actual poker is just as exciting as sitting at a table and contesting against fellow players. It is normal for high-caliber events like the WSOP to have many entries because of the generous prices offered. At the same time, participation alone is prestigious and exposes players to great talent drawn from different parts of the world.

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