5 Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning at Poker Online

Online poker is a lot different than what you might find in a land-based casino. Aside from not being able to see the other players, bet sizes are usually bigger online, and folding or calling happens more often than not. But what might you know that can improve your game online?

Well, there are specific poker guides, poker cheat sheets, and strategies that can help you master the game. For instance, the immense scale of online poker means you will encounter a lot more recreational players. With this in mind, you can take advantage of this inexperience by sticking to low stake games.

In fact, this is our first tip to become a better poker player online…

1) Make Sure You Start with Low Stakes Games

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As with any game of Texas Hold’em, video poker, or 4-card poker, online poker is so much easier when you know how to outmaneuver the other players. However, there are always certain nuances with playing poker online that need to be learned. For this reason, you should always start with low stake games and ensure that any mistakes are not so costly. When you play with smaller stakes, you are also less likely to encounter the more skilled poker players. What’s more, you can learn to better time your entry into the high stakes games, while learning how to improve your online poker skills in the process. As you might expect, this is one area in which players get off on a losing foot, for they disregard the learning curve involved with online poker.

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2) Remove Any Distractions from the Environment

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Distractions will do little more than cause you to miss opportunities or make mistakes. It’s true, and the same can be said for land based games as online poker. However, the distractions with online poker are often so subtle that players fail to realize they are happening. For instance, some players open multiple browsers while playing poker online and this will always distract from the game at hand. If playing for a significant amount of money, it’s also essential to turn off Netflix and consider playing without the distraction of music or live radio. After all, how often do professional players watch television when playing poker in Vegas? Right, it doesn’t happen. In many ways, creating a quiet and comfortable environment is the key enabler that allows players to make the right decisions while noticing all the fine details of their opponents’ plays.

3) Mix Up Your Cash Play Games with Tournament Play

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Tournament play and cash games are very different beasts. After all, tournaments can be played on multiple tables at one time and online players can buy in for the same amount as each other. However, there is a reason why skilled players often prefer cash games instead of tournament play, for there is less variance in cash play which means they have a much better idea of what to expect. On the other hand, you will likely find more excitement and enjoyment in tournament play, and learn valuable skills from the more experienced players. For this reason, it’s best to mix things up with online poker and combine tournament play with cash games rather than sticking to any one model.

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That being said, variety is often a key enabler for winning more often…

4) Play More Tables to Be More Profitable

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Believe it or not, the more tournaments you play, the more likely you will be able to achieve your target return on investment. You see, variety reduces with increased volume and this can prove especially beneficial if you can keep on top of your ability to make decisions. In other words, the more tables you play, the more profitable your online poker game should become. In case you might be asking yourself, a good way to find multiple tables is to drop down to the low stakes games, and because “practice makes perfect”, this also means that you will be improving as you play more tables.

5) Expect “Bad Beats” to Happen from Time to Time

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As you know, a “Bad Beat” is when a strong hand loses to an opponent who is unlikely to win. More specifically, this player will often end up with some lucky cards and walk away with the pot unexpectedly. The thing is, you can learn how to play poker as much as you want but nothing can avoid bad beats. But you can take certain steps to improve matters:

Expectation – Try to expect bad beats and understand this process works both ways. If you keep track of how many times this happens to you, it’s easier to accept when it happens against you.

Relax – Take a step back and maybe even a break from the game. A few minutes outside can clear the head and remind you that everything is going to be alright.

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Take Stock – Use this as an opportunity to rethink your strategy. Also, if you need to stop playing, walk away and use this time to calm down so you can rejoin with a better mindset or focus.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, everyone could do with improving their online poker game. While low stake games might be easier, there are always exceptions, and beating the odds is often down to having some specific strategies. With this in mind, the above strategies will certainly help in terms of increasing the odds of winning, while the ability to remain calm or rational in the face of misfortune will also make the process that bit more enjoyable!