CoinGeek Conference updates: blockchain & gambling

CEO and co-founder of Bitboss Matthew Dickson has revealed that amazing new technology is on its way at the latest CoinGeek Conference.

A new hardware product from the company named Bridge is set to make huge progressions in the world of slots and other electronic games found in casinos, as the Dickson hasn’t forgotten the importance of profitable land-based resorts.

Made up of a Bridge Wallet, Vault, Link, and ecosystem, the new technology will be inserted into the back of slot machines to communicate with a player’s phone either their current credits or marketing items the casino wishes to use.

It runs on Linux and is selling at a very reasonable price of $100USD.

Speaking to Calvin Ayre, Matthew Dickson said: “Using [the communications] we can then rout cryptocurrency, whether it’s a token or actual cryptocurrency, whatever the casino would choose, on and off the slot machine. And it replaces the traditional tickets that you print out when you want to cash out of a slot machine.

“I think the main idea we like to relay to people though, is that by moving those credits off of a piece of paper and onto the clients, or the customer’s cellphone, you now have a much better opportunity to market to your customer because they always have their cellphones.

He pointed out that he believes the days are gone where the majority of the older generation didn’t own a smartphone. 

“So the traditional slot machine customer now has the world’s greatest marketing device in their hands, online, all day long. And by the casino connecting to their customers through the cellphone, they have new and innovative ways they can start to market.”

The outlook for online gambling in America is strong, so the technology will also give casinos a chance to reach online players.

Bitcoin has also released new games using the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain technology, which was demonstrated at the conference.

Baccarat, roulette and lottery games are currently operating on the platform, with plans to offer Bitboss out as a platform for other game developers to work with.


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Dickson said that the alternative offering to the traditional offerings was ‘very close’ to hitting the market as so many online casinos now accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

He added that the games will have provably fair built-in, a huge benefit of blockchain gaming technology.

A provably fair system is described by as a method that allows the public to see how outcomes are based on the gambler’s input and a secret number that is disclosed and changed for the next rounds every hour.

Dickson finished, saying: “We’ve actually taken great lengths to talk to regulators and to talk to bodies around the world that certify products as well.

“And to try to get the standards written to encompass blockchain technology… By introducing provably fair into every transaction, a regulator can look at an operator and say yes, they are doing this with 100% fairness.

“And that’s really what regulators are after, right?”