Creedroomz Gains Danish License for Live Casino Games

The online gambling sector witnessed a remarkable surge during the pandemic, propelled by factors such as social distancing measures and lockdowns that led to the temporary closure of land-based casinos. The digital transformation was swift, with e-wallets, live casinos, and AI-driven experiences taking center stage. As a result, online platforms demonstrated resilience and adaptability in uncertain times.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, land-based casinos faced unprecedented challenges, creating an opportune environment for the online gambling sector to thrive. As the digital realm continues its ascendancy, gaming companies are showcasing remarkable adaptability, with a keen eye on integrating cutting-edge technologies.

The spotlight is now on land-based casinos, exploring innovative avenues to stay competitive in an evolving industry. At the forefront of this technological revolution is CreedRoomz, a trailblazer in the casino landscape.

With the online domain setting new standards, attention now turns to how land-based casinos can innovate to maintain their relevance. CreedRoomz emerges as a pioneer in this landscape, actively embracing advancements to redefine the traditional casino experience. The agility of land-based casinos to incorporate AI and robotics demonstrates their commitment to evolving with technological trends.

Embracing innovations positions traditional casinos to compete effectively with their online counterparts. As CreedRoomz spearheads the integration of AI and robots on the casino floor, it signals a dynamic shift in the gaming landscape. 

CreedRoomz envisions a future where artificial intelligence (AI) and robots play a pivotal role

Levon Hambardzumyan, the senior product manager at CreedRoomz, envisions a future where artificial intelligence (AI) and robots play a pivotal role in reshaping the traditional casino floor. These innovations promise to revolutionize the gaming experience, offering a seamless blend of technology and entertainment.

AI-driven algorithms can analyze player preferences and behaviors, customizing gaming experiences for individuals. Predictive analytics has also been helping operators to anticipate player choices, create personalized suggestions, and enhance overall satisfaction. Robots equipped with AI provide efficient and personalized customer service, from answering queries to handling transactions.

The integration of robots has also been helping to reduce human contact, addressing health and safety concerns in the post-pandemic landscape. AI has also become an instrumental tool in boosting efficiency in operations. AI helps to optimize casino operations, from managing resources to predicting peak times and ensuring optimal staffing.

Just how has CreedRoomz’s been utilizing these novel technologies? Last year, the brand introduced the world to Roba, taking its plan to integrate AI and robots on the casino floor to the next level. CreedRoomz’s groundbreaking “Roba,” refers to a robot croupier designed to perform all dealer actions.

Roba deals cards, collects them from the table, loads them into the shuffler, and displays game outcomes. Currently deployed in baccarat and Dragon Tiger games, with plans for blackjack, Roba optimizes live casino studio operations. Roba also minimizes human errors, ensuring accuracy in dealing with and reducing expenses on hiring staff for private halls.

Providing an automated gaming experience, Roba operates round the clock, offering uninterrupted gameplay. The integration of robotic technology on the casino floor also streamlines operations, addressing challenges posed by the pandemic’s impact on the human factor. 

Despite operational advantages, CreedRoomz emphasizes that Roba is not a replacement for human interaction. While robots enhance entertainment and offer a unique player experience, they acknowledge the irreplaceable role of the human factor in live casinos. The goal is to exceed the novelty factor through constant innovation, enhancing player experience while maintaining the appeal of human-to-player communication.

CreedRoomz envisions continuous innovation for Roba. Future enhancements include the addition of a camera, elevating video streaming to a new level, and creating interactive points with players. This commitment to ongoing improvement showcases CreedRoomz’s dedication to providing cutting-edge experiences in the realm of online casinos.

CreedRoomz expansion

As CreedRoomz reshapes the traditional casino space with cutting-edge technology, the brand stands firm on its commitment to innovation and has its sights set on expansion. The journey of revolutionizing the gaming experience extends beyond the boundaries of the current landscape, opening up new avenues for CreedRoomz to make its mark.

Not too long ago, CreedRoomz, achieved a significant milestone with the successful acquisition of a Danish license for its live casino operations. This strategic move not only marks an expansion of CreedRoomz’s European footprint but also underscores the company’s commitment to stringent regulatory standards and the delivery of top-tier gaming experiences.

Authorized by the Danish Gambling Authority, CreedRoomz is poised to introduce its diverse array of live casino games to Denmark. The portfolio includes engaging casino titles such as Richie Roulette, Roulette Aurum, Russian Poker, Dragon Tiger, Asian Dragon Tiger, and Keno. This expansion represents a substantial leap forward in solidifying CreedRoomz’s presence in the European market, highlighting its dedication to providing captivating, safe, and responsible gaming experiences.

Sargis Poghosyan, VP of Casino at CreedRoomz, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s entry into Denmark, stating that the entire team was excited to introduce its diverse range of live casino games to Danish gamblers. The move has opened up new opportunities to cater to the preferences of Danish players, offering gamblers a rich selection of live casino games.

The Danish license, authorized by the reputable Danish Gambling Authority, demonstrates CreedRoomz’s commitment to upholding stringent regulatory standards. As CreedRoomz ventures into Denmark with its live casino offerings, the gaming landscape in the Nordic region can anticipate a new dimension of entertainment. 

The company’s dedication to regulatory compliance, diverse gaming options, and unwavering commitment to player satisfaction will no doubt position CreedRoomz as a significant player in the evolving European gaming market. By expanding its reach, CreedRoomz aims to cater to a broader audience and enhance its position as a prominent live casino solutions provider.

Final Thoughts

The coexistence of tradition and innovation is the key to ensuring the continued allure of land-based casinos. With these technological advancements, the future promises an exhilarating blend of cutting-edge experiences and timeless entertainment on the casino floor. The game is evolving, and CreedRoomz is leading the way into a new era of gaming excellence.

As CreedRoomz continues to push boundaries, Roba stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to reshaping the casino landscape. The integration of AI and robotic technology represents a bold leap into the future, where innovation and tradition coexist to offer players a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

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