GGPoker Giving Ontario Players a Shot at WSOP Glory on the ‘Road to Paradise

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Atlantis Casino & Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, the WSOP Paradise festival is slated to take place from December 3 to 14. With 15 bracelet events and a massive, guaranteed prize pool of a mind-boggling $50 million, this Caribbean poker extravaganza promises high-stakes action, premium accommodations, as well as the chance for players to turn their poker dreams into reality.

GGPoker’s “Road to Paradise” campaign opens players up to even more opportunities.

GGPoker recently launched the “Road to Paradise” campaign, offering interested players an opportunity to secure a spot at the upcoming WSOP Paradise event. As the official partner of WSOP, GGpoker has always been dedicated to assisting gamblers to fulfil their dreams of taking part in the poker festival. 

The “Road to Paradise” campaign, which kicked off on October 1, offers numerous chances for players to qualify, ensuring that every poker enthusiast has a shot at paradise. The campaign includes:

Direct Qualifiers: 

Professional poker players will have a chance to win their way into WSOP paradise through exclusive qualifiers. The direct qualifiers serve as a direct gateway, allowing skilled poker players to earn their place into their Main Event, as well as an array of other bracelet events on Paradise Island.

Direct qualifiers on the GGPoker platform are crafted to test the skills, poker strategy, and endurance of the participants. To maintain the exclusivity and competitive nature of these poker tournaments, GGPoker limits the number of entrants. The ultimate objective of these qualifiers is for players to secure a coveted seat at the Main Event of WSOP Paradise where they will be given a chance to compete for a share of the massive $15 million prize pool.

Exclusive Freerolls: 

Here, GGPoker customers will be given a chance to participate in freerolls for a chance to secure their spot at the Main Event. Freeroll tournaments are a great aspect of online poker as they allow participants to enter tournaments without direct buy-ins. In the context of the “Road to Paradise” campaign, Exclusive Freerolls provide a remarkable chance for poker players to earn their entry into the WSOP Paradise Main Event without spending any money.

Since poker players can take part in freeroll poker events free of charge, it opens doors to all players, whether their bankroll size is large or small. Please note that while the freeroll tournaments are free to enter, there are limited seats available to add a competitive edge.

OnLive Events: 

“OnLive Events” make up a strategic component of the “Road to Paradise” campaign. These events are designed to elevate the gaming experience and enhance the chances of players winning substantial prizes, including coveted seats at bracelet events. What’s so special about OnLive events is that they maintain a hybrid format, seamlessly blending online and live poker experiences.

These events are generally designed as multi-stage competitions. Those who take part in online poker battles showcase their strategic prowess. Those who succeed progress through the different stages, inching closer and closer to the ultimate prize- which is the chance to participate in the prestigious WSOP Paradise bracelet tournaments.

Road to Paradise Packages: 

These Road to Paradise packages are injected into weekly tournaments, offering extra pathways to the Caribbean poker paradise. The main component of the Road to Paradise Packages is the coveted entry ticket to the Main Event. The package encompasses accommodation provisions, which make sure that the lucky winners immerse themselves fully into the WSOP experience.

Apart from offering luxurious accommodations at renowned resorts, the Road to Paradise Package also features exclusive perks including VIP treatment, access to special events, complimentary amenities, as well as unique privileges. Some packages even include travel allowances, providing poker players with financial support for the event location.

But that’s not all! GGPoker has also organized a special phase satellite event touted as the largest satellite event of all time. While the details of this event are yet to be released, poker pros can expect an unparalleled chance to secure their place at WSOP Paradise.

Online Qualifiers: Already Underway

Online qualifiers for WSOP paradise have been in full swing for a while now with at least 100 poker players successfully securing their Main Event Packages. The buy-ins for these online qualifiers start at a modest $15, which ensures that poker players with a range of bankrolls can take part.

As the stakes grow, players will be allowed to engage in qualifiers with buy-ins of $150, $1200, and eventually, the $10,000 Main Event package. With each different buy-in level, the anticipation will intensify, offering a taste of the competitive environment that awaits players in the Bahamas.

Participants in the Main Event will also be in for additional treats. For instance, winners of the Main Event Packages will receive a 10-day stay at the lavish Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Additionally, poker players will be given complimentary access to the lunch buffet, which will help them stay energized throughout.

GGPoker is giving these same perks to gamblers in Ontario.

Poker players in Ontario will also be given a chance at WSOP glory as the platform introduces online qualifiers for the new WSOP Paradise stop. This campaign has been running on the GGPoker Ontario platform, which consists of online poker players from Canada’s biggest province.

Nine poker players have already secured WSOP Paradise Main Event packages. The online qualifiers are available all through the day and provide interested participants with an array of entry options starting from as little as $15. The goal is for players to gain access to the Main Event package, which is valued at CAD 13,500.

Final Thoughts

With WSOP Paradise inching closer and closer, the poker community has been abuzz with excitement. Poker players in the US have numerous opportunities to vie for WSOP Paradise packages through It should be noted that online satellites are exclusively available for poker players in New Jersey and Nevada.

The “Road to Paradise” campaign by GGPoker will ensure that every poker enthusiast can join the ranks of poker legends. So poker pros should be gearing up and polishing their skills in readiness to embark on the “Road to Paradise.”

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