How much do casino workers make?

It’s no secret gambling is big business, and huge amounts of money pass through casinos both on and offline. Year on year growth points to the popularity of gambling right across the globe, as new players come to try their luck. How about those who work in those casinos? Are they reaping the benefits of this tremendous interest in gambling? The answer may surprise you as we look at some key casino positions and their paychecks.

Casino Dealers

One of the key roles in any casino is dealers. Many casinos run 24 hours a day, so they need a constant stream of trained, professionals to keep the action going. Dealers don’t need to be gaming experts, but they need a solid grasp on the rules, and play by the book. They also need to be honest, trustworthy individuals since the opportunities for running scams could be tempting. As to wages, the average dealer salary is $10 an hour. However, this is a base rate, and tips are where the real money can be made. Depending on the establishment and its clientele, some dealers make hundreds of dollars per hour. On average, dealers can expect $20-$30 per hour in tips.

Online Casino Dealer

Online dealers have an important responsibility to run smooth games for their customers. In some ways working in a live online casino can be harder since the face to face interaction is not there. As such, live dealers are picked for their vibrant personalities and trained to entertain huge numbers of online gamblers. The average salary for this position is $35,000 a year, and there are fewer opportunities to pick up tips.

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Casino Pit Boss

Pit Bosses have to make sure everything on the floor is flowing smoothly, not just at an individual table. Workers in this position may also be called a floor manager, but many prefer the rough and ready term pit boss. Each pit boss has their section of the casino to maintain, meaning the job can be stressful at times. Salaries for this position average around $55-$65,000 per year.

Other key positions

Casinos are full of jobs many don’t even know exist. However, here are three high profile positions that are just as essential for the seamless running of any casino.

  • Security guard: a lot of money passes through a casino, so owners need to know it’s kept safe. While training isn’t essential, a strong physical presence is a must. Expect pay in the range of $10 to $20 per hour.
  • Bartenders: drinks and snacks are an essential part of any casino. Bartenders make around $9 an hour, but tips can quickly rack up.
  • Cashiers: pay starts at about $10 an hour and tips are not common. However, some start as cashiers and work their way into other casino positions from there.

Professional Players

Finally, let’s take a glimpse into the world of the professional gambler. As you might imagine, the results vary widely from person to person. It is possible to become a profitable gambler provided aspiring players put in the hard work and hours of practice. Realistic estimations put professional players on $40-$100,000 per year. Some make more. In fact, the top players are able to consistently rake in seven-figure sums (or more) each year.

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Wrap up

Despite the huge amount of money flowing around the industry, working in a casino isn’t an instant gold mine. However, many who work in casinos can significantly influence their take-home pay through tips. Much rides on personality, work ethic, and the type of casino they work at.