4 Lightning Roulette Strategies You’re Not Aware Of

Lightning Roulette is very similar to European Roulette but it adds some unique, innovative twists to make the game even more exciting. For example, the studios in which the games are held aren’t like what you’d expect from your typical Live Roulette session. It acts more like a TV game show with the dealer being the host.

The rules of the game are easy to understand. As usual, place a bet on an individual number, groups of numbers or groups of colors. Once the wheel is spun and bets are no longer allowed, the dealer pulls a lever and all the panels on the wheel are struck by lightning, randomly choosing 1 to 5 lucky numbers in the process.

Straight-up bets on the lucky numbers can win between 50x and 500x your wager amount, depending on how many are drawn. So, with this in mind, here are 4 Lightning Roulette strategies to help you get the most from your bets.

1. Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy

Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy

Since the big wins from lucky payouts can only be achieved through betting straight-up, one really basic roulette strategy to use is just betting on every number. 

While this increases your overall risk, if the lucky numbers do land, you can be rewarded with a huge payout. 

The increased risk factor means that, though it’s the most basic possible strategy out there, it’s not one that too many people consider. 

Now, it’s important that you don’t double your bets on losing rounds to cover your losses. Since you’re covering the entire roulette wheel, losing just 2 or 3 rounds in a row will put a large dent in your bankroll with this strategy.

For reference, this type of betting is used as part of the Martingale strategy on European Roulette games – it usually covers just betting on red or black rather than betting every number.

2. The Paroli System

The Paroli System

The Paroli System uses the Martingale strategy referenced above but in reverse. In other words, instead of doubling your bets when you use, you double-down when you win. So, if you bet $5 in Round 1 and you lose, you’d bet $5 in Round 2. If you win in Round 2, you’d bet $10 in Round 3. If you win, you’d bet $20 in the next, but if you lose, you’d go back down to $5. 

This Lightning Roulette betting strategy assumes you will go on a hot streak and aims to capitalize big when that happens. In this particular game, you also have the massive roulette payout multipliers as an advantage too. Of course, you must stick to betting straight-up to be eligible for the big multipliers.

3. La Bouchere Strategy

The Paroli System

As you will note by its name, this particular strategy comes from France, the birthplace of roulette, and works at its best with virtual chips in live dealer games.

But before going any further, this strategy does not make use of the lucky numbers. 

Now, in order to get the maximum from La Bouchere, you must divide your chips in a particular method, which is as follows.

Firstly, spread your chips out in either one or two lines. Not all only casinos allow you to actually do this so you need to find one that will. Then use the first and last numbers in those lines to help determine how much to stake. In an ideal world, you will have a line of numbers that look something like 6, 8, 4, 2 and 2.

If the first number is 6 and the last number is 2, you would add 6 and 2 together to make a wager worth 8 virtual chips. Then choose the next first number, which is assumed to be 8 in this example. You would then add 8 to the 2 on the other side, meaning you would make another bet of 10 virtual chips on that line. 

This strategy aims to ensure you will have made an even number of bets by the time you finish your session. 

The important thing to note here is that you should be looking to make bets that give you as close to a 50% chance of winning as possible. The more you can get it even, the more likely you can come out of the game in profit. And, since you’ll be making “50/50” bets, you can always keep playing until you make a profit. After all, a small win is better than a big loss.

4. Betting With Bonuses

The Paroli System

The final Lightning Roulette strategy you’re not aware of uses bonuses as part of your bankroll to increase your profits quickly.

It’s a simple idea but still goes under the radar. All you have to do is find a list of the real money roulette games with Lightning Roulette in their libraries and ensure you can get a bonus to play it.

There are plenty of casinos available now that will give you a bonus just for registering or making a deposit. There are even some that give you weekly or monthly rewards for playing regularly.

So, by having multiple ways to claim bonus funds, you can play through several rounds of Lightning Roulette and make some money without playing with your own.

The only catch is that casinos don’t give this money to you without wanting something in return. Every bonus you claim will have some rules determining how you can withdraw your winnings. For example, some casinos make you wager 35x your deposit amount before you can withdraw. It’s even higher in others, but this is stop cheaters and people taking the money and running.

Make sure that you always read the terms and conditions on the bonus before claiming and use those that make it simple to withdraw.


These four Lightning Roulette strategies will ensure you have as much fun at the tables as possible and make more money at the same time. Choose the strategy that’s best suited for your bankroll and you’ll start winning in no time.

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