DJ Khaled, Michael Phelps, Paul George, And Karl-Anthony Towns To Battle In Global Poker Challenge

Global Poker, celebrated for its exciting poker experiences and innovative campaigns, is raising the stakes with its first-ever Global Poker Celebrity Challenge. The star-studded event kicked off on September 18th and will last through November 13th. This event will bring together poker enthusiasts and A-list celebrities in a clash of wit and strategy.

Some of the most well-known entertainers and celebrities of our time will be present during the tournament. However, only a select few made it to the felt. NBA stars Karl Anthony Towns and Paul George will be present. Also in attendance on the virtual felt will be swimming champion Michael Phelps, as well as music producer DJ Khaled. 

It is worth noting that the Global Poker Celebrity Challenge wasn’t just about high-stakes poker and the A-listers. The poker tournament was also about giving back. Through this poker tournament, the celebrities involved didn’t just get to lend their names to the tournament; they also actively participated for a good cause.

The winners of the challenge all agreed to donate a small portion of their earnings to charities of their choice. This unique balance of online poker and philanthropy set the stage for an event that transcended the boundaries of gambling and created a positive impact on the local community.

To attract as many people as possible, the Global Poker Challenge unfolded an array of campaigns each dedicated to one celebrity. The schedule has been as follows:

Paul George Celebrity Campaign: September 19 – October 1

The Global Poker Celebrity Challenge kicked off with the Paul George celebrity campaign, which allowed participants to play against the NBA star. Paul George’s campaign featured a series of Sweeps Coin qualifiers where Global Poker customers were each given a chance to play against the athlete.

All the qualifier winners were given the chance to play with George himself during the final. The winner of this final has since advanced to the Campaign Grand Final, which is scheduled to take place on November 12th. It is worth mentioning that all donations were funded by Global Poker. 

Karl-Anthony Towns Celebrity Campaign: October 2 – October 15

The Karl-Anthony Towns Celebrity Campaign has been underway for the first two weeks of October and is scheduled to conclude on October 15. Poker participants were treated to 8 Karl-Anthony Towns Sweeps Coin Qualifiers where they competed for merchandise signed by Towns himself.

Michael Phelps Celebrity Campaign: October 16 – October 29

Often regarded as one of the greatest Olympians alive, it is easy to see why poker players would sign up to play against Micheal Phelps. Phelps is a well-known and avid poker player having participated in several World Series of Poker. Phelps first learned how to play poker online and started with $1 and $2 games before moving on to poker games with higher stakes.

DJ Khaled Celebrity Campaign: October 30 – November 12

DJ Khaled is the last celebrity on this lineup. Like his fellow celebrity contestants, DJ Khaled will host Sweeps Coins Qualifiers ahead of the showdowns. The qualifiers will boast extra prizes including Global Poker Swag signed by Khaled.

What’s the path to victory?

Participation in the Global Poker Celebrity Challenge will involve 8 qualifiers for each celebrity campaign. Those who emerge victorious in the Sweeps Coin qualifying events will earn the chance to compete in the final campaign. This is expected to add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

Once all the celebrity challenges have been concluded, the Global Poker Player celebrity challenge Grand Final will unfold on November 12th and 13th. Those that finish in the top 3 will donate a combined $90,000 to their preferred charities. George has already announced his charity of choice, the American Heart Association.

As the various celebrity campaigns keep progressing, the anticipation of the Grand Finale on the 13th will reach a fever pitch. The idea of witnessing the competitors battle it out for a spot in the coveted Grand Final has helped to add an element of suspense and excitement. The grand finale promises nail-biting action, unexpected twists, as well as unforgettable moments as the poker players contribute to causes close to their hearts.

Celebrity poker tournaments such as these have become more common as professional poker has become more mainstream. Celebrities such as Phelps and Khaled often boast considerable platforms that allow them to use their influence for charitable causes. Poker tournaments such as these provide an entertaining way to engage both the public and other celebrities in fundraising activities.

Combining celebrities and poker is also a great way to naturally garner attention. When these events are linked to philanthropy, they draw even more interest from both fans and the media. This heightened attention helps in spreading awareness about the various causes while encouraging more people to take part and contribute.

Fans of celebrities also idolize celebrities and follow their activities closely. When they sign up for poker tournaments such as this one by Global Poker, fans are more likely to sign up or donate. Their engagement further strengthens the sense of shared purpose.

Plus, poker tournaments are inherently enjoyable, adding a charitable angle that makes them even more attractive. This competitive yet light-hearted atmosphere fostered by these competitions encourages celebrities and participants to enjoy themselves while contributing to their communities. Other well-known celebrities who frequent the poker table include Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Hart, and more.


The Global Poker Celebrity challenge stands out not just for the star-studded lineup by also for the charitable initiatives. The decision of the participating celebrities to donate a portion of their earnings to charities will no doubt elevate the poker tournament from a mere competition to a meaningful social cause. Understanding the effect that these donations will have on communities no doubt emphasizes the celebrity tournament’s significance in the gambling space.

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