Here Are The Top 5 Most Popular Asian-Inspired Slot Games On the Internet

Slot games are extremely popular and continue to increase in popularity regardless of where you live on the planet. The reason why this is may not be obvious, but when you take a look at all the casino games that are available to play, slots tend to be a good choice because the game that uses them is not complicated. Beginners and seasoned gamblers can do well with slot machines simply because all you have to do is spin the wheels. There’s no strategy. Nothing detailed to learn. All that you have to know is where the spin button is. As long as you have credits to use, the slots are ready for you to experience. With land-based casinos closing, then reopening with capacity restrictions and COVID-19 protocols to be followed (mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, physical distancing), the world of digital casino gaming has taken off. Along with that is online slot machines. Here is a closer look at Asian-inspired slot games  and what ones are the hottest games currently trending.

What Makes Slot Machines Attractive

If you were to sit in a casino or visit one online, one of the first things you should discover is that slot machines make up the majority of games available. And because there are so many, slot machines come in multiple varieties with various themes, game features such as bonuses, and the number of reels and pay lines. There are standard slots that payout individual prizes out of credits collected from different players of a machine. Then there are progressive jackpots that build over time and can come from credits played by various players on many different machines linked together from other sites and other physical locations. With digital technology, slot machines at land-based casinos and online can have themes that turn a session of hitting the spin button into a storyline that takes a player deeper into the game to earn larger bonuses and extras. The different themes have been created to be attractive to the variety of cultures in the world. Are you intrigued by trying out an Asian-inspired slot? Don’t worry, they’re everywhere. Just check out Betzest, a site which has reviewed over 1,000 casino games, to find the online slot game you want to try out this spring.

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The Most Popular Slots In Asia

Speaking of themes, in Asia, there are slot machines that are far more popular than ones in the United States. That is because Asian themes focus on icons and history that Asian players will be familiar with and culturally sensitive towards. You’ll understand this better once you see the list below.

1 – Asian Beauty

Here’s the hard data on Asian Beauty. It is a video slot machine that has a total of five reels and three rows. There is a total of 243 pay lines and the return-to-player (RTP) is quoted at 96.4%. That means the House Edge is small, just 3.6%. So, just looking at the math, Asian Beauty is not a bad choice to put some credits towards. As for the visual attractiveness of the game, the manufacturer (Microgaming) has leaned on the theme of Asian romance which features graphics of beautiful Asian women, with a focus on Chinese women. It’s not what would be considered a common slot game theme, so that makes this game stand out from the crowd almost instantly. As for game features, you can win up to 2000x your bet per pay line, two different bonus features contain big prizes and the animations that are part of the theme story are stunning. Expect to see Asian symbols on the reels including lotus flowers and headshots of some very beautiful Asian women.

2 – Cherry Blossoms

This is a 5-reel, 20-line game with a Japanese-theme built around the custom of feeling and enjoying flowers with an emphasis on Cherry blossoms. The RTP of this slot game is rated at 95.37%. The storyline is set in the Japanese sakura season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom which happens to be the most popular time of year for tourists to visit Japan. The game symbols you will find include obvious ones like a Geisha Girl, a Temple, Lamps, a Prayer Bell, Japanese fans, and cherry blossoms. There are a few interesting bonuses here including free spins, a 3x multiplier, scatters, and more. The wild Geisha symbol is significant simply because it will trigger double payouts and any wins that come from free games within the game will return to players in triple amounts. The Geisha Girl symbol is also the highest paying one in this slot game where five of them on a line will reward you a total of 12,500 coins. The game is from Nyxinteractive and Nextgen Gaming.

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3 – 100 Pandas

You had to expect to see giant Pandas somewhere on this list of top Asian slot games. Developed by IGT, the theme features Pandas in their natural habitat where the storyline takes you deep into the Chinese jungle where these beautiful creatures live. The highest paying symbols are the Pandas, including one with a green background, another with a purple background a the Wild symbol which features a group of Pandas. Other obvious symbols related to this theme include bamboo (the favorite food of the Panda), a flower, and a handful of other Chinese symbols. Features include free spins that are triggered when three Yin Yang symbols appear on the center three reels. There is a bonus round, a multiplier, and more. The soundtrack includes jungle sounds and relaxing Chinese Zen-style music.

4 – Koi Princess

For fans of Anime, Koi Princess is your game. Developed by NetEnt, this 5-reel, 20 pay-line game has an RTP rating of 96.23%. To win this slot game, you have to watch for the playing card symbols. The highest payout comes from the Ace which returns 10 coins for three, 50 coins for four, and 160 coins for five. The next pay scale comes from the various Japanese artifact symbols which include gold coins, green idols, and orange idols. The Koi Princess is the scatter symbol and you can earn up to 400 coins when five of her symbols show. There is also a Wild symbol which offers a top prize of 500 coins. There are several random awards as well.

5 – Big Win Cat

Created by Play ’n GO, Big Win Cat is a 3-reel slot game with an RTP of 96.15%. Cats are huge in Chinese culture where they are believed to bring good luck and that is the focus of the theme of this game. There are many game features including respins, multipliers, and more. You can win up to 800x your total bet and Big Win Cat also contains wilds and here’s something interesting – with the Paytable Achievements feature, you will be able to log and track your previous winnings. Think of it as a High Score screen that you may remember from arcade video games from a few decades ago. Feeling lucky? Then give Big Win Cat a few spins.

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Asian-themed slot games are nothing new. However, they are fun and attractive. The list above is far from complete, but it will give you an idea of the top five trending slot games in Asia today.